White Impala hunting

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Where to hunt White Impala

White Impala is not a subspecies, but an albanistic colour phase of the Southern Impala. South African game farmers have through selective breeding now bred an almost pure white Impala. For those who wish to add this unusual trophy to their collections, some game farms in South Africa offer White Impala hunting.


White Impala are only found only on a limited number of game farms and consequently much more expensive than a Common Impala. The trophy fee for a White Impala runs at $6,500 and as they become more readily available, the price will drop as has happened with the Black Impala. Daily rates for these hunts average around $300-350 per day.

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When to hunt White Impala?

Hunting opportunities on game farms exist year-round. However, the best time to hunt any species of Impala is the rut, when males fight for dominance, and the biggest and oldest are easy to recognize. The rut takes place in May. The rest of the African winter, June to September, is also a good time for a plains game hunt.


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Like most other antelopes, White Impala are usually hunted by spot-and-stalk. This is the method preferred by trophy hunters, because after the animal is spotted, the hunter and the PH usually have the time to estimate the trophy quality and make the decision whether the hunter wants this particular animal or not. White Impala habitat is well suited for a careful approach within a sure rifle shot, but the Impala are social animals, and the hunter must make sure there is no chance of a pass-through bullet hitting another antelope.

Why hunt White Impala?

We, humans, are fascinated by the unusual, including melanistic and albanistic animals. Impala, in general, is a good quarry for hunters who seek the trophies that are out of the ordinary, because in this species deformed horns often reach record lengths, and a white colour, in many a beholder’s eyes, adds greatly to Impala’s beauty. South African game farms made an invaluable contribution to the preservation of many species, and they are financed only by hunter’s payments. If the images of White Impala fire up a desire to get this trophy, go ahead and find your adventure on BookYourHunt.com

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White Impala

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