Springbok hunting

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Where to hunt Springbok

Springbok is a small, graceful antelope with lyre-shaped horns, which is one of the symbols of South Africa. Three subspecies are recognized: the common, or South African, springbok, the Western, or Kalahari, springbok, and the Angolan Springbok. SCI trophy books also have different entries for South African (common) and Southern or Cape springbok, as well as for any of the color phase variants: copper, or solid dark brown, black, and white springbok. Springbok is the classic hunting quarry in South Africa and Namibia.


The price of a springbok hunt depends on what subspecies or color phase you want to target. The common, Cape and Kalahari springbok shooting fee can be as low as $250, although most outfitters charge between $350 and $500. Rarer color phase variants will cost more, with black springbok starting at about $500 in South Africa to $1000 in Namibia, and white and copper color phases in the $800-$900 range in South Africa and $1,000-$1,200 in Namibia. A “springbok slam”, an opportunity to harvest all color phase variants during one hunt, is usually priced in the $5,000-$7,000 range.

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„Ich sah die grenzenlosen Ebenen und sogar die Hügel, die sich zu jeder Seite von mir erstreckten und nicht mit mehreren „Herden", sondern mit „einer riesigen Herde" von Springböcken dicht bedeckt waren. Soweit das Auge zu sehen vermochte, war die Landschaft durch sie lebendig, bis sie sich in eine trübe rote Masse lebender Kreaturen verwandelten. “schrieb Rouaelyn Gordon-Cumming über den Springbock „Trek-Bokken“ oder der Migration, dessen Zeuge er 1843 war. Wie haben sie damals den Springbock gejagt und wie hat sich das seitdem verändert?

24 März 2019 Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten: Springbockjagd in Gordon-Cummings "Fünf Jahre in Südafrika" und heute

When to hunt Springbok?

Es ist nicht einfach, die beste Zeit für die Springbockjagd zu bestimmen. In vielen Gebieten Südafrikas gibt es die Jagdmöglichkeiten das ganze Jahr über und in Namibia von Februar bis November. Springbock ist eines der Tiere, die keine bestimmte Zeit für die Brunft haben. Wenn Sie ein paar bestimmte Monate bevorzugen, wäre das wahrscheinlich das Ende der Trockenzeit.


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Springbok are the creatures of open plains, and spot-and-stalk is the method of choice for springbok hunting. The hunt begins with the hunter and PH cruising the concession, in vehicles or on foot, trying to spot a herd with an animal that will make a suitable trophy. Identifying the right animal may be harder than for most other species of antelopes, as both sexes carry horns, and the springbok have an unusual in the mammal world case of sexual dimorphism, with females larger than males. A springbok is a relatively small animal, and in most cases you will have to connect its vitals from a distance of 250 to 350 yards, so it’s best to select an accurate rifle for a cartridge with a flat trajectory for springbok hunting.

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The common springbok is the most widespread subspecies of springbok, the antelope that is one of the symbols of South Africa. It has a unique color, with yellowish back, wide horizontal stripes running along the body, and white underbelly with snow-white hairs reaching high on the sides and the haunch. Color phase variants, including copper, white, and black, are common, and SCI trophy books distinguish also between South African and Cape springbok. Common Springbok hunting is offered by outfitters in Namibia and South Africa.

Why hunt Springbok?

There are many reasons to hunt springbok. Its flesh is valued in South Africa above all other antelopes, and thousands of pounds of springbok meat are sold in stores there every year. Sprinbok is just the right size for a full-size mount that will fit an average house and will always remind the hunter about the adventure. But above all, the reason to make an intercontinental journey has perhaps best been summed up by Roualeyn Gordon-Cumming, one of the first British sport hunters in South Africa: “As I rode along in the intense and maddening excitement of the chase, I felt a glad feeling of unrestrained freedom, and I shall ever refer to those times as by far the brightest and happiest of my life”

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