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Wo kann man Weisser Blessbock jagen?

Blesbok was a huntable endemic species native only in South Africa but has now been introduced to Namibia. Originally due to its large numbers it was nearly hunted into extinction, however since it was protected in the late 19th century this animal has made an incredible comeback through the conservation efforts of hunters and game ranchers alike. The White Blesbok is not an albino but is simply a colour mutation of the Common Blesbok and share the same habitat and behavioural patterns. This species is now available throughout most of the Highveld (inland plateau) and semi-arid open bushveld regions of South Africa.


This is a commonly hunted species in South Africa and Namibia. In some instances where they are more common, they may be included in a plains game package hunt. The daily rates for these territories range from $350-$450 per day. In Namibia the trophy fee for White Blesbok is approximately $850 and in South Africa it ranges from $600 where very common to $1790 in territories where it is rare.

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When to hunt White Blesbuck?

White Blesbok can be hunted year round In South Africa and from February 1 until November 30 when the trophy hunting season opens in Namibia. Blesbok are easily hunted year round but hunting during the cooler winter months is more comfortable than in summer. During the rut which occurs from March to May, it is easier to identify the males due to their courtship behaviour as both males and females have horns.


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Living out on the open plains, these animals are quite easy to spot. The difficulty of hunting these animals is in the stalk if there is no cover or broken terrain to use in your approach. What often makes the stalk difficult is these animals may congregate in large herds with everyone on the lookout for danger. Once you are close enough to take a shot, your Professional Hunter will point out a suitable trophy and help you find your targeted animal. This is easier said than done as being in an open area there often is no landmark that can be used as a marker. These animals have a parasite called a nasal bot that lives in their sinuses causing them to bob their heads on a regular basis and during the rut the males chase each other on a regular basis, so there is always movement in the herd. Make sure you are on the right animal as pointed out by your guide, otherwise you could end up shooting the wrong animal. For bowhunters, Blesbok do not venture far from water where they can be hunted from a blind.

Why hunt White Blesbuck?

Not commonly hunted on your first African safari but this is a sought after species for those returning to Africa on a follow-up hunt. Being widespread you are likely to bump into them somewhere during your hunt. They can be extremely challenging to hunt in territories where wild and will keep running forever when disturbed or at any sign of danger. This not only tests your patience but also your marksmanship. The Common and White Blesbok are markedly different and make an interesting comparison in anyone’s trophy room when shoulder mounted.

1:1 Plains Game Hunt

1:1 Plains Game Hunt

9.3 1 Bewertung
Free State, Südafrika
Weißer Blessbock, Erdwolf, Afrikanische Wildkatze, Pavian, Mähnenspringer...
Reisedauer: 6 - 12 Tage
Season: 1 Jan. 2024 - 31 Dez. 2024
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2:1 Cape Mountain Hunt

2:1 Cape Mountain Hunt

Eastern Cape, Südafrika
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Season: 1 Feb. 2024 - 31 Dez. 2024
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