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Wo kann man Schirrantilope jagen?

A chestnut red colour with a prominent white harness from which it derives its name, also has spots and stripes on its flanks. The Harnessed Bushbuck is found in a broad band from Western Africa across to Central Africa, more specifically from Senegal to the Congo. It is available for hunting in the Central African Republic and numerous outfitters have them available in Burkina Faso and Cameroon.


It’s always a rewarding endeavour to hunt a Bushbuck. These hunts are conducted in massive government concessions. Trophy Bushbuck are available on a minimum 7 day hunt and the trophy fees range from as little as $560 to $4,500 for an all-inclusive hunt. Associated with this trophy fee, is also a license fee and a few other concession fees, so it is unlikely that a client will just go on safari to specifically hunt a Harnessed Bushbuck. Some areas only sell Harnessed Bushbuck in packages and the prices are advertised in Euro, so please check the prices carefully when making a comparison.

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When to hunt Harnessed Bushbuck?

The Harnessed Bushbuck hunting season is limited to four months a year. In Burkina Faso the season only runs for 3 months, from 1 January–1 April. In the Cameroon, the hunting season lasts 4 months. It opens on 15 December and closes on 15 April. Being a water dependent species the best hunting months are the driest and hottest months of the year when water is limited and the bush is not so thick.


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Seek out a territory that has good Bushbuck habitat. They are secretive by nature and reside in the densest cover possible. Finding a good trophy can be quite difficult as the best trophies disappear at first light and only come out at last light. Stalking along river beds, reed banks and the edges of forest and thickets normally provide the best results. Always ensure the wind is in your favour as it quite often swirls around in these thickets. Another advantage is to hunt with the sun on your back as this helps you see your quarry better in the poor light. Once alarmed the Bushbuck will bark and make off for the densest of thickets.

Why hunt Harnessed Bushbuck?

Of all the Bushbuck, this is the closest relative to the Nyala which itself was once named the Angus Bushbuck. The harness coloration across its flanks make it a pretty unique trophy which will need to be full mounted to really appreciate its coloration. It may be the smallest member of the spiral horn family but is definitely the feistiest of all antelope when wounded, quite prepared to stand its ground and has been known to kill dogs and even severely injure pursuing hunters.

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