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Wo kann man Gazelle jagen?

This is a large family with over 20 species including species like Gerenuk and Springbuck. If you speak about a Gazelle, it could be a Somali Soemmerring's Gazelle, Robert’s Gazelle, Bright’s Gazelle or the two most commonly referred to as huntable gazelles, the Thomson’s and Grant’s Gazelle. However, the latter is now classified under the Genus Nanger. Gazelle in the East African context normally refers to the more common Thomson’s gazelle also referred to as a “Tommie”. They occur in northern Tanzania where they may be hunted and in southern Kenya where they may not be hunted.


Thomson’s gazelle and Grant’s gazelle, the two most popularly hunted Gazelles require the purchase of a minimum 7-day hunting license. Some outfitters are now offering 2 - 3 day hunts on the proviso that you buy the respective trophy license. However, the daily rates on these short hunts can run as high as $5,000 – 7,500 per day. Daily rates for the standard 7-day Buffalo / Plains Game combo and 21-day dangerous game combos range from $1,450 – 3,900 per day with trophy fees for Thomson Gazelle averaging around $850 and $950 for a Grant’ Gazelle.

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When to hunt Gazelle?

Gazelles as the hunters of today refer to them are mostly hunted in Masailand, Tanzania. Tanzania’s hunting season is officially open from July until December but has recently been extended since the Covid pandemic hit the country. At this stage, it is not clear whether this is a permanent arrangement. In reality, the safari season is influenced by the rainy season when impassable muddy roads make driving conditions near impossible. Being animals that prefer open arid savanna grasslands, the best months for hunting Gazelle are the dry months of August to October when the grass is at its shortest. It may be difficult to find cover during the stalk but being a small animal and therefore target, you require short grass to get a clear shot.


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Drive around looking for a good trophy. Once spotted you will start your walk and stalk which is the best method of hunting this species. They are often found way out in the open so best is to walk along the tree line margins using this as cover while keeping in the shadows and glassing regularly into the distant grass plains. Once you see a suitable ram you will need to plan your approach very carefully as these animals have good eyesight and will bolt off to safety at the first sign of danger.

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Why hunt Gazelle?

These animals are synonymous with an East African Safari and that comes standard with the territory. Most hunters will hunt a Tommie and a Grants. Then they will always be on the lookout to upgrade their first trophy with a better specimen. When mounted, they always look best when full mounted but can also be shoulder-mounted, skull mounted or used on a pedestal display. The skins alone make magnificent tanned hides.

1x1 10-Day Safari with (Premium License)

1x1 10-Day Safari with (Premium License)

Grant Gazelle, Pavian, Schwarzrücken-Schakal, Burchell Zebra, Buschschwein...
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Season: 1 Dez. 2023 - 31 Dez. 2026
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2x1 10-Day Shared Basic Safari

2x1 10-Day Shared Basic Safari

Grant Gazelle, Schwarzrücken-Schakal, Burchell Zebra, Afrikanischer Büffel, Krokodil...
Reisedauer: 12 Tage
Season: 1 Dez. 2023 - 31 Dez. 2026
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Jabir Cazalle Hunt

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Season: 1 Sept. 2024 - 31 März 2025
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