Corsican Sheep hunting

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Where to hunt Corsican Sheep

The Corsican sheep has actually very little to do with the famed birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte (the sheep that inhabit the island of Corsica go by the name of Corsican Mouflon). This name has been coined to refer to crosses between European mouflon and a number of domestic sheep breeds. It is hunted on game ranches in the USA, most notably in Texas.


Corsican sheep hunting in Texas is priced at about the same level as game ranch hunts for other similar kinds of sheep such as Texas Dall sheep. Expect to pay, on the average, about $3,000 depending on such factors as the duration of the trip, the size of the trophy, and the luxury of accommodation.

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There are many wild sheep hunting offers around the world, but with most species of genus Ovi the prices are prohibitive for an average hunter. There are, however, opportunities to experience mountain hunting on a reasonable budget around the world, and and this blog post will guide you towards the most affordable options.

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When to hunt Corsican Sheep?

Corsican sheep hunting on game ranches in Texas can happen at any month of the year, as there's no closed season on exotics. It’s not easy to define the best time, but the climatic conditions suggest that scheduling the hunt for winter months may be a good idea, as climbing hills in Texas summer heat may feel uncomfortable.



Mouflon, the Corsican sheep’s ancestor, prefers the edge of the mountain and the open meadows, migrating here or there according to where they find the best balance of food and safety. Corsican sheep tend to prefer similar behavior, sticking to the most broken terrain, the highest hills, and the steepest slopes the area allows them. A hunter may choose between hunting from a blind or high seat, or the classic spot-and-stalk hunt.

Why hunt Corsican Sheep?

Corsica was one of the Mediterranean islands where the rich Europeans pursued wild sheep for sport, and the local hunters – for meat, skins, and for the status boost that the stamina and marksmanship required for sheep hunting brought them. The sheep, as modern research found out, did not naturally occur on the islands until the Neolithic times, and it is believed that the wild Corsican mouflon is actually a domestic sheep that went feral in times immemorial. With this in mind, the stigma associated with the “exotic” or “feral” should not discourage you from booking a Corsican sheep hunt.

Deer & Exotics Hunt

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Texas, USA
Korsisches Schaf, Axishirsch, Birkhahn, Dall Schaf, Damhirsch...
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Season: 1 Juli 2023 - 31 Dez. 2024
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Corsican Sheep Hunt

9.8 8 Bewertungen
Texas, USA
Korsisches Schaf
Reisedauer: 3 Tage
Season: 1 Juli 2023 - 31 Dez. 2024
für 3 Tage, 1 Jäger
Korsische Schafe

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