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Where to hunt Feral Goat

In many parts of the world humans, voluntarily or involuntarily, let domesticated animals escape into the wild and reproduce there. Once these species took hold, however, there were no getting rid of them. One such species is feral goat. It has become an object of hunting in countries like New Zealand, USA (Texas), Argentina, Uruguay, and South Africa.


For a North American hunter, the most affordable opportunities for feral goat hunting is in Texas, where you might expect to pay well under $1,500 for a complete hunt. Elsewhere, the shooting fees for a goat run from $500 to $1,300, and the daily rates usually run in the range of $300-$400 a hunter a day but may get as high as $750 depending on the location and the level of service offered.

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When to hunt Feral Goat?

Like other feral or exotic animals, hunting opportunities for a wild goat exist at any month of the year. This could mean an opportunity to hunt when most other seasons are closed. The timing of the visit to an exotic country like New Zealand or Argentina is usually determined by weather, or seasons for other animals that the hunter is after. For instance, most big game hunts in Argentina are timed to the red stag rut that usually starts in March and may continue to early May.


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There may be no mountains worthy of the name in places that offer feral goat hunting, but the animals do tend to the most broken terrain, the highest hills, and the steepest slopes they can find. Many hunting techniques can be used to hunt feral goats, including hunting from a blind or high seat, but the most popular by far is the classic spot-and-stalk hunt. This falls into two parts: location of the suitable animal, and a careful approach to it, taking into account the direction of the wind, available cover, and millions of other details. For an extra challenge, consider hunting with a short-range weapon, such as a bow.

Why hunt Feral Goat?

The stigma that usually follows exotic game hunting should not discourage you from considering a feral goat hunt. While it is true the animals were originally created and introduced by humans, they have by now been living in the wild for many sheep generations, and are indistinguishable from genuinely wild animals. Those who are afraid the hunt will not be challenging enough may make things easier by choosing spot-and-stalk hunt with short-range weapons, such as a handgun, a muzzleloader, or archery gear. With its shaggy coat, long beard and impressive horns, a feral goat makes a respectable trophy, and in proper habitat is a good introduction into hunting mountain game.

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