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“Bison” may refer to one of the two closely related species of bovines: the American Bison (a.k.a. Buffalo), and the European Bison (a.k.a. Wisent). Both species faced near extinction by the early XX century. The North American Conservation Model worked better for the American Bison, and both the Woodland and Plains subspecies are now not endangered, with hunting legal in a number of states, such as Alaska, Missouri and South Dakota, and the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. The European Bison did not fare just as well, partly due to both World Wars raging right in the heart of its habitat. However, strictly limited opportunities to hunt it, with the proceeds going for conservation effort, exist in Belarus.

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Bison hunting in North America will cost about $4,000 to $7,000, depending on the area and the size of the trophy. Combination hunts with species such as wolf are possible in Canada. Bison hunting in Europe has always been an exclusive affair, and hunts are typically priced at about $14,000-15,000.

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When to hunt Bison?

Seasons for limited draw hunts may run in October-November to February-March (in Alaska), while hunting privately owned hunts are possible year round. However, outfitters recommend to come in late autumn or winter if the hunter wishes to harvest a coat in its prime. Hunting in Belarus is possible all year round, but the outfitters recommend to come in December or January for the same year.


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On most Bison hunts the hunter is accompanied by a guide, to make sure that only an old, mature bull that’s past reproductive age is harvested. Spot-and-stalk is by far the preferred method, especially for plains populations that dwell in the open. Woodland bison may not be too easy to locate and stalk. An alternative method is hunting from high seats over food sources.

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Most stories of the Bison have it that the species have been “exterminated by hunting”. This is an oversimplification. A lot of factors contributed to decimation of the American Bison numbers, including habitat loss, competition with domestic cattles and disease transmitted by it, and conscious extermination effort for political reasons. Would the Bison’s decimation be as dramatic by hunting alone? Nobody knows, but it’s a fact that the recovery of huntable species unter the North American Conservation Model was more successful than those that, like Bison, weren’t legal to hunt. Likewise in Europe, in the Romanoff’s hunting preserves the Wisent thrived; after the Bolshevik Revolution it took only a few years before the animals went extinct, in spite of a total hunting ban. Consumptive use, with a lot of money raised by hunting a few individuals, often makes a more successful conservation tool. Bison hunting today is strictly controlled, and works for preservation of the species. Join this effort by booking a Bison hunt.

European Bison or Wisent

European Bison or Wisent Canada

The European bison, also known as the Wisent, is a forest dwelling bison, and love conifer and spruce forest habitat, so they thrive in mixed type forests like we have here at , thus making them the most challenging Bison we offer hunts for. Hunt them on our 1005 forested preserve, just like you would be in the Bialowieza Forest area in Poland and Belarus, but right here in North America. This is an Estate hunt that utilizes all the principals of Fair Chase. Still hunting and Stalking in the forest on the expansive 800 acre Preserve. My Wisent are HUGE, and we have the largest herd in North America at over 50 head, plus we are the only preserve in Canada that offers these beautiful animals to hunters. My Trophy European Bison Hunts (Wisent) are tightly managed, and limited to just two to three exceptional bulls each year to ensure high quality old trophy bulls for my hunters. Hunts run $12,000.00USD to $20,000.00USD depending on SCI Record Book Horn Size, body size, and age. Limited availability! Please inquire! Hunts for Older Trophy Cows are offered.

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 14 July 2019 31 January 2021

$12,000 for 1 hunter
European bison hunt

European bison hunt Belarus

Whole year round hunt for European bison in Belarus.

Trip duration: 4 days

Hunting season: 1 November 2019 31 December 2019

$15,725 for 1 hunter
Trophy Bison Hunt

Trophy Bison Hunt Canada

Our main goal is to provide a real hunting experience, based on the principals of Fair Chase, with personalized attention, so you leave with the feeling that you received more than your money’s worth. We offer hunts ONLY for old trophy bulls that will score well in the SCI record Books. We hold several WORLD RECORDS and numerous TOP 10 Bulls in the SCI Book! You will experience a real hunt "exactly" like nature intended. Our preserve is 100% forested with a wide diversity of mature timber, lakes, hills, and creeks. This diversity provides a very challenging hunt and a spectacular setting to challenge wits with that Trophy Woods or Plains Bison Bull. Best time for nicest robes is October to January Wait no more! Add that HUGE trophy Bison to your trophy room this year!

Trip duration: 3 days

Hunting season: 1 January 2019 31 December 2020

$9,900 for 1 hunter

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