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Where to hunt Russian Sable

Not to be confused with the Sable antelope, Sable proper is a small predator of the marten family that thrives in boreal forests. The distribution range of the Sable almost precisely coincides with the borders of Russia, and this is not a coincidence: it was the Sable fur, perhaps the most valuable free-ranging fur - was the original driving force behind Russian colonization of Siberia.

Price distribution

There’s hardly an outfitter that offers a dedicated Sable hunt, even though immersion in the traditional life of a Siberian trapper could be an adventure attractive for many people. As it is, Sable is a complementary trophy in a hunt for moose, bear, lynx, etc., with trophy fees ranging from $400 to $500. A complete Sable hunt will cost you just under $2,000

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When to hunt Russian Sable?

The Sable is usually hunted within the general furbearer season, which in most areas of Russia starts at late October or early November, and continues to late February or early March. The best time for Sable hunting (as opposed to trapping) is early winter, when the snow is there to show the little predators’ tracks, but is not too deep to be an obstacle when walking.


Hunting methods

Perhaps the most exciting way of Sable hunting is over a laika, a type of hunting dogs related to huskies and indigenous to the boral belt of Eurasia. The hunters traverse the taiga until they find a fresh sable track. Then they release the dog or dogs, and follow their tracks. A good laika will be able to follow a Sable even as the critter hops from tree to tree, by the debris that falls down. Sooner or later, the Sable will take refuge on a tree or in a pile of rocks. It is usually a big problem to identify the precise spot where it’s hiding, and the hunter must be ready for quick action when the Sable, knowing it has been seen, makes a lighting-fast dash for escape. A combination gun, with one barrel for .22lr and the other for a shotgun round, is preferred for this hunt.

Why hunt Russian Sable?

The Sable was for Russia what the Elephant was for Africa and the Beaver for America. Its small but valuable skin made hunters, trappers, and adventurers abandon their homes and plunge into the cold, inhospitable taiga, exploring new areas and ultimately shaping the current borders of the country. You can no longer make a fortune on sable fur, but it still provides livelihood to thousands of families in remote Siberian wilderness, where employment opportunities are highly limited. Whether the lure of this incredibly smooth and beautiful skin is great enough for you to take an inter-continental journey or not, the excitement of the hunt and the initiation into an ancient tradition of hunting and explanation make it worthwhile to grab the opportunity of Sable hunting if an opportunity presents itself.

Зимний промысел и рыбалка

Зимний промысел и рыбалка

Russian sable
Trip duration: 7 days
Season: 20 Nov 2024 - 1 Feb 2025
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Russian Sable

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