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Erkki Vähäkallio, outfitter Finnhunting Oy

Hunting has always been deeply ingrained in our Finnish traditions and culture. With that in mind and the fact that Finland is a stable country with good infrastructure. It makes it an excellent destination for any hunter who seeks raw and original hunting, and we are only a short plane ride away! Sustainability, modern gamekeeping and high ethics are our cornerstones It is not enough for us to just take from the forest, we also have a strong will to maintain and grow the game populations, in the areas we use for hunting. By good gamekeeping, selective hunting and a high appreciation of nature, we wish to preserve nature also for future hunter generations to enjoy! In our operation we value local and international laws. Wherever we travel, we honour local traditions and work hand in hand with native companies, clubs and producers. We follow CITES- and Bern treaties and all other international agreements binding our profession.


Forest Bird Hunting

Forest Bird Hunting

Blackcock, Capercaillie, Hazel grouse
Trip duration: 3 days
Season: 10 Sep 2024 - 1 Nov 2024
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Finnhunting Oy

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