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Chat feature

All your conversations in one place!

Talk to outfitters about their hunts

Reach our support team to get more help

All conversations are saved in your profile

How does it work? Very simple!

At the hunt page use 'Ask Question' widget to ask the outfitter about the hunt

Please keep in mind that outfitters spend a lot of time in the field, so sometimes response can take up to 24 hours.

Use 'Ask Question' at any other page to contact our support team

We take care of all our clients all over the world 24/7 in different time zones and in 4 languages.

Login to your profile and navigate to 'Chats' to see all your conversations

Your Conversations history is always available to you.

You can continue your conversation right there in the profile

Click 'Request support help' to invite our team member into your conversation with outfitter.

How awesome and simple is that?

This is just one of the many services BookYourHunt has available to you!

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