Alaska Professional Hunters Association

APHA is the oldest outdoor recreation group in the State of Alaska and celebrated the 50th Anniversary in 2019. The general objectives of APHA are:
  • To institute the adoption of a high and sportsmanlike concept of wildlife and hunting of big game through the promotion of hunting by fair chase: the pursuit of the trophy in a legal and sportsmanlike manner, without herding, driving or chasing of trophies with the use of mechanically powered equipment.
  • Consistent with the practice of hunting, to promote and assist in the conservation of fauna and flora and to cooperate with Government officials concerned with the conservation of fauna and flora.
  • To assist in the prevention of illegal or unsportsmanlike practice by anyone in the practice of professional hunting or by anyone engaged in the sport of hunting.
  • To endorse and foster a code of business ethics in accord with ethical standards and the laws and regulation of the State of Alaska.
82 hunts
$4,500 starting from
17 animals
2750mi to the nearest trip

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APHA - 50th Anniversary (2019)

APHA Celebrates 50 Years of Supporting Alaska Hunting and Conservation!

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