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  • What exactly is BookYourHunt? Is BookYourHunt an agency?

    BookYourHunt - is not an agency, it’s an online marketplace. The concept of an online marketplace has existed for quite some time now and has been successfully applied in many business fields (e.g. hotel bookings, online book stores, taxi rental and many others).

    In our opinion, the difference is very important, so we would like to highlight it.

    Here are few feature benefits of BookYourHunt as a marketplace:

    • Offers on our platform are created by outfitters themselves with our help.
    • You are in direct communication with the outfitter and you enter into a contractual agreement with the outfitter directly when booking your hunt. We verify all outfitters before publishing them on our platform.
    • Best price. One of the conditions in our agreement with outfitters is that they have to display the same prices on our website as you get when you are in direct contact with them.
    • Our services are free for hunters. Outfitters pay us commission from the funds they receive from hunts booked through BYH.
    • We are always ready to help you to pick a hunt from the many offers at our website, so that you get the most value for your buck.
  • How can you guarantee the same price as outfitter?

    Our cooperation with outfitters is based on the following points:

    • An outfitter gets money directly from a hunter, BYH never touches the money.
    • The outfitter has to publish offers on our website with same prices you would receive during a direct contact with the outfitter. If the outfitter offers you a better price than we offer, just let us know and we will match the difference.

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