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Red deer driven hunt trips 14 hunts

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5 days

Driven hunt with trophy Czech Republic

We offer 5 days/3 hunting days (1 arrival and 1 departure days) driven hunt with trophy in the bohemian forests at the altitude ca.400-800 m. Wildlife that is available to bag: Wild boar - tusker, pig, piglet, sow - closed season Red deer - Red deer until 8 endpointer, hind, calf Mouflon - Mouflon until 150 CIC, ewe, lamb Sika deer - until 180 CIC, hind, calf Fox Trophies which are not included in the package are according to the valid price list. Expected hunting bag: 1 animal per hunter per day. The final hunting bag comes with dusk, after hunters leave for their accommodation. Additional hunting day can be added for 472.-€/hunter/ day including accommodation with full board, hunting guide, transportation in the hunting area, beaters and dogs. Hunting price for additional hunting is not included. For hunting in Czech Republic is needed : Czech hunting licence, Insurance, Hunting Invitation. That is the reason why we need to send with your booking list copies of following documents: Hunting licence from your country, and passport or personal paper. The next step is to fill the booking list with your name, date of birth, passport number or personal number. When we have all necessary documents, our firm submit a Czech hunting licence for you. Please inquire for available days.

Driven Hunt Rifle Hunting Stalking

Red deer Mouflon Sika deer Wild boar

Package Trip Sheep & Goat
Driven hunt with trophy Driven hunt with trophy Driven hunt with trophy Driven hunt with trophy Driven hunt with trophy
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

1 review

Trip available on: 1 Jan 2019 31 Dec 2019

2 days

Driven Hunt Spain

2 DAYS DRIVEN HUNT. EXPECTATIONS: 130-150 animals. Pick up from Alicante/Madrid airport the 23rd of November. In the airport hunters will be met by a representative from our Spanish outfitters and driven together to Murcia where you will check into the houses at the hunting estate. The Monteria will begin in the morning at around 9.30. After meeting at the hunting lodge, lots will be drawn for the different posts, and by 11.00 all hunters will be in position and the hunt will start. Around 200 – 300 dogs will be set loose and the local beaters will start the drive. The hunt will last for around 4 hours and finish at about 15.00, after which the game will be collected. All the game shot will be marked, and while the game is being gathered together for the parade, the hunters will again meet up at the hunting lodge where they will be served a good lunch. The game will be then shown on parade and before you know it will be late in the day and you will already be beginning to look forward to the next day’s monteria. After the day’s hunting has come to an end, you will be driven back to the houses, where the group can all enjoy the facilities offered. Although a group of 20 hunters will be needed to cover the district properly, there are only 10 places left. The total expected bag of hinds among the participating hunters will be 130-150 animals over the 2 days.

Driven Hunt Rifle Hunting

Red deer Mouflon Wild boar

Package Trip Semi-guided Fenced Area Transfer Sheep & Goat
Driven Hunt Driven Hunt Driven Hunt Driven Hunt Driven Hunt
Package price
for 2 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 24 Nov 2019 25 Nov 2019

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