Dorset Ram Hybrid Sheep hunting

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Where to hunt Dorset Ram Hybrid Sheep

In many parts of the world humans, voluntarily or involuntarily, let domesticated animals escape into the wild and reproduce there. For example, Dorset sheep hybrids were kept for their wool and meat in Argentina, but many sheep generations ago escaped into the wild. Now many outfitters in Argentina provide an opportunity to hunt feral Dorset hybrid sheep.


Shooting fees for Dorset ram hybrid sheep are typically priced at about $1,500. To get the price of the total hunt, add the daily rate, which in Argentina is typically on the order of $500, and the price of the other trophies you might want to take. Dorset ram hybrid sheep hunts are often sold as package deals with other animals (from feral goat to red stag), and the price of such packages may exceed $10,000.

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Many hunters are convinced that sheep hunting is an expensive proposition, unless you're a resident of the only way a person can have a sheep hunt on a budget is to be lucky with drawing a tag. However, there are opportunities for sheep hunting that do not require one to spend six figures on a Governor’s tag. This blog post will walk you through some of the options.

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When to hunt Dorset Ram Hybrid Sheep?

As a feral animal, Dorset ram hybrid sheep can be legally hunted in any month of the year. The best period for hunting is determined by climate and/or seasons for other animals that the hunter is after. In particular, the prime time to visit Argentina is considered to be the red stag "roar" (rut). It typically starts in the end of March and might continue to early May.


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Dorset ram hybrid sheep hunt typically follows the classic spot-and-stalk method. This falls into two parts. First, the hunter and the guide must locate a suitable animal. In case of Dorset ram hybrid sheep, this usually happens when when an opportunity arises in the process for hunting other species. The next stage is a careful approach, taking into account the direction of the wind, available cover, and millions of other details. The stalk itself is usually of medium difficulty.

Why hunt Dorset Ram Hybrid Sheep?

Hunting feral sheep is sometimes associated with a stigma. But bear in mind that such species as Balearian Goat and Mouflon, that are perceived as perfectly wild animals, have actually been introduced to the islands of the Mediterranean by humans, the original sheep and goat populations being extinct since the Neolith. The introduction happened many millennia ago, but as it often happens with feral animals it only takes a few sheep generations and the offspring become wilder than many original wild species. The successful hunter of a Dorset hybrid wild sheep will be rewarded not only with a set of tight curled horns, but with a few pounds of lean, nearly fat-free, healthy free-range organic meat that Argentinean cooks are experts in preparing.

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