Scimitar Oryx hunting

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Where to hunt Scimitar Oryx

Scimitar Oryx once dwelled all over Northern Africa, but in the year 2000 was announced extinct in the wild. Fortunately, a sizeable herd remained in captivity on game ranches, including in Texas, and were used for a reintroduction program in Chad. However, Scimitar Oryx is still endangered, and relies on captive herds to survive. Quite a few of such herds are financed by trophy hunting of selected individuals, and opportunities for such hunts exist in South Africa and the USA.


Scimitar Oryx shooting fees on South African operations start at about $2,000. Add to that daily rates (on the average, $300 a day), and perhaps a few other species (few people go to hunt in Africa for just one animal), and the bottom line will probably be in the $3,000-$5,000 range. Scimitar Oryx hunts in the USA will cost you about $4,000.

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Was wird das Endergebnis meiner afrikanischen Safari sein? Die Beantwortung dieser Frage ist nicht immer einfach und viele Anfänger sind verwirrt von Tagesraten, Trophäengebühren und Pauschalangeboten. Und was ist mit anderen Ausgaben wie Trinkgeld, Reisekosten und Taxidermie? Niemand außer Ihnen kann diese Frage beantworten, aber dieser Blog wird Ihnen helfen.

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When to hunt Scimitar Oryx?

In both South Africa and the USA Scimitar Oryx hunting opportunities exist a year round. Any months can be a good months, but the summer months may be a bit too hot in Texas, and many South African outfitters insist it’s better to hunt in November – April, where flourishing vegetation of the bush makes stalking easier.


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The most popular way of hunting this antelope is by the classic African spot-and-stalk. In Africa hunters typically cover ground in vehicles, glass for animals, and stalk them on foot once they are located. While on some game farms and ranches it may dwell in bush and scrub country, usually Oryx is a creature of wide open spaces, and is blessed with keen eyesight and natural wariness. This adds challenge to the hunt (and calls for a long-range, flat-shooting rifle).

Why hunt Scimitar Oryx?

The graceful lines and long curving horns of the Scimitar Oryx have long attracted people, stirring the desire to hunt the antelope and to keep it in captivity. This came in handy when the animal was practically extinct in the wild, and today captive herds form the basis of reintroduction programs. No zoos can support a population with sufficient genetic diversity; keeping enough of the animals is possible only on game farms. Whatever one’s opinion on game farming, it’s undeniable that hunting a few selected individuals and using the proceeds for the well-being of the herd is a proven, sustainable, and successful conservation model. If free wild herds of Scimitar Oryx are to roam the deserts of Northern Africa, it will only be due to high fence game farms and ranches. That’s so far as conservation aspect goes, but what about the hunt itself? An open plain where you can see every movement of the wary animal, the highest degree of tension at every moment of the stalk, and a lasting memory in the form of a couple of beautiful horns. Enough to make any hunter want to hunt this antelope.

Build Your Own Hunt 1x1

Build Your Own Hunt 1x1 Südafrika

Looking to pick out the trophies you are after before your hunt. This is your opportunity. We welcome you to choose what interests you. We can accommodate both the rifle hunter as well as the bow hunter. Before commencement of the safari, clients are required to complete and sign a safari contract and a general information sheet. All clients and observers are required to read and sign our indemnity form before the commencement of any safari.

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Eastern Cape Hunting Experience 2x1

Eastern Cape Hunting Experience 2x1 Südafrika

We believe that each hunter has his/her own idea and dream of hunting Africa. For this reason we offer our South African hunts on an exclusive daily rate basis, allowing each individual to tailor make their very own safari. We have access to three million acres of privately owned land and game reserves, including over seven hundred thousand acres of free ranging areas stretching from the coastal forests along the Indian Ocean, to the unsurpassed beauty of the Great Karoo, and the breath-taking mountains of the north - hunting the game in their natural environment and habitat where they are naturally of better quality. With over forty different species available to our hunters, from the tiniest Blue Duiker to the largest antelope in Africa, the Cape Eland, all occurring in a variety of habitats, we have found the need to establish camps within the moister southern and drier northern regions of the East Cape. This often allows our hunters to enjoy the variety of a single/multi-area hunt on the same safari, while ensuring we achieve the very best in trophy quality. Make the most of our traditional 7/10/14 Day Hunts in the East Cape. Our hunts are offered at a daily rate basis, allowing you to tailor-make your very own safari as per your specie choices or preferences. Please choose the days you wish to spend and the desired species from the trophy list.

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1:1 Karoo Plains Game Hunt

1:1 Karoo Plains Game Hunt Südafrika

With over 30,000 ha (74, 131 acres) we can proudly say that we have one of the largest safari outfits in the Eastern Cape Province of Southern Africa when it comes to hunting on privately owned land. Making us even more unique is the diverse terrain you will encounter when on safari with us. From the semi-desert, arid, vast open plains of the great Karoo to the mountains and thicket of the coastal Bushveld, we offer everything that a true African hunting experience can give in terms of terrain diversification.

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