Roosevelt Sable hunting

Also known as East African Sable
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Where to hunt Roosevelt Sable

Roosevelt’s Sable, the “Prince of Africa” are one of the most majestic and sought after African antelope to hunt. Of the three subspecies of Sable Antelope, only two may be hunted, the Southern or Common Sable and Roosevelt’s Sable which occurs in Eastern Africa north of the Zambezi River in Mozambique, through Tanzania to Kenya. They are predominantly hunted in the Niassa province in northern Mozambique and in the Selous, a popular hunting concession in Tanzania.


Currently, BookYourHunt only has one outfitter listed offering Roosevelt Sable Antelope hunts in Tanzania. This outfitter is offering two different options, an 18-day hunt and a 21-day hunt with daily rates ranging between $2,850-3,000. This excludes all the extras like license fees, conservation and community levies. The trophy fees for these magnificent beasts are $7,000. We are expecting a listing from Mozambique, so check it out.

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When to hunt Roosevelt Sable?

Roosevelt’s Sable may only be hunted during the respective hunting seasons where this species may be hunted. In Mozambique, the hunting season opens on 1 April and runs to 30 November. In Tanzania, the season opens a little later on 1 July and closes on 31 December. The best months for hunting these Sable are the dry winter/autumn months (July-October), especially when water availability is limited as these animals tend to congregate near available water sources.



Roosevelt’s Sable enjoy long grass which makes them difficult to hunt in the early season so rather go later in the year when the grass is shorter and patches have been burnt. The best way to hunt Sable is to use what tree cover you can find to walk and stalk along the treelines on the edge of the open grassland areas preferred by the Sable. Always be on the lookout when near water and clearings in the woodlands where there may be a depression with some nice green sweet grass.

Why hunt Roosevelt Sable?

Roosevelt’s Sable antelope is the most beautiful looking animal. A Sable antelope can use its long curving horns to reach an attacking predator when attacked on its flanks. These horns are deadly against hyenas, stray dogs, and, as many a hunter in the old days learned the hard way. A Sable antelope bull, with its pitch-black skin, white marks on the head, and graceful, horse-like body, is simply irresistible. No wonder it is one of the most desirable hunting trophies in Africa!

21 Day Full Bag Safari (2x2)

21 Day Full Bag Safari (2x2)

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Roosevelt Rappenantilope, Afrikanische Wildkatze, Schwarzrücken-Schakal, Bohor Riedbock, Burchell Zebra...
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Season: 1 Jun 2023 - 31 Dez 2023
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28 Day - 1:1 Classic Safari - Two Areas

28 Day - 1:1 Classic Safari - Two Areas

10 1 Bewertung
Roosevelt Rappenantilope, Afrikanische Wildkatze, Schwarzrücken-Schakal, Blauer Affe, Bohor Riedbock...
Reisedauer: 30 Tage
Season: 1 Jul 2023 - 31 Dez 2023
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Roosevelt Sable + Eland  + warthog

Roosevelt Sable + Eland + warthog

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Roosevelt Rappenantilope, Livingstone Elenantilope, Warzenschwein
Reisedauer: 10 Tage
Season: 31 Mai 2023 - 31 Okt 2023
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Roosevelt Rappenantilope

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