Red Lechwe hunting

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Where to hunt Red Lechwe

Lechwe, is a name derived from a Bantu language which means antelope. The Common Lechwe group is made up of three subspecies – Red Lechwe, Kafue Lechwe and Black Lechwe. This page is dedicated to the Red Lechwe, a native of Eastern Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Although a common species found in the Okavango Delta of Botswana, they may no longer be hunted in this country. In their natural habitat they are always found in wetland areas where they feed on aquatic plants. In South Africa they have been introduced and found in a wide variety of high fenced territories where they seem to thrive without their natural marshy habitat.


In the wild, they can be hunted in Namibia on a 3-21 day safari. Daily rates for these Namibian Safaris range from $350-520 per day with a trophy fee between $2,000- 4,500. In South Africa a ranch hunt will cost you $350 – 450 per day with a trophy fee ranging from $1,675 – 4,500. Even though a wetland species these animals seem to do best in the drier regions of the country and can be found in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Free State and even in the higher rainfall areas of Mpumalanga province.

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When to hunt Red Lechwe?

Lechwe may be hunted all year round In South Africa. In Namibia, hunting is closed in January and February. The best months for hunting Lechwe are the dry winter/autumn months (July-October), especially when water availability is limited as these animals tend to hang out near water, especially in marshy areas, swamps and along the river edges. On a cold winter’s morning you can find them hunkered down out of the wind.


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When hunted in open territories or large concessions like the Caprivi in Namibia, they can be quite difficult to spot and stalk as they inhabit open floodplains and wetlands, sometimes without not much cover. This makes it very difficult to approach Lechwe so you may be required to make a long shot. Hunting Lechwe on the game ranches in South Africa is normally much easier where there is more cover to use during your spot and stalk.

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Why hunt Red Lechwe?

The Lechwe family in general make exceptional shoulder mounted trophies and they do not take up much space in your trophy room wall. This is one hunt where you will probably need to get your feet wet traipsing around in the water trying to get closer to take a shot. In most instances your marksmanship will be tested in an effort to collect a magnificent specimen.

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