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Where to hunt Porcupine

Three species of Porcupine occur in Africa, namely the Crested Porcupine, Cape Porcupine and African Brush-tailed Porcupine, all of which are just referred to as porcupines on an Outfitters price list. They can be hunted in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Distribution Crested Porcupine: The Mediterranean, North and West Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Cape Porcupine: From Angola to Tanzania and south all the way to the Cape. African Brush-tailed Porcupine: the rainforests and waterways of Western and Central Africa.


On private land these animals are often classified as vermin and may be hunted for free but most outfitters charge a fee as skinning this critter can be quite a prickly affair. Numerous Outfitters in Namibia and South Africa also offer specific night safaris and charge an additional night hunting fee. However if hunter during the course of a normal plains game hunt the daily rates for of $350-$450 per day will apply with a trophy fee ranging from $50-320. In Zimbabwe and Mozambique you will be required to book a minimum of a 7-10 day hunt, with a daily rate of $600-$700 and pay a trophy fee of approximately $200-300 in Zimbabwe and up to $750 in Mozambique. In Tanzania, the trophy fee for a Porcupine is around $800 with a daily rate of approximately $1,200 per day.

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When to hunt Porcupine?

Porcupines may be hunted year round in South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. In Mozambique, Porcupines are only hunted during the hunting season which opens on April 1 and closes on November 30. Likewise, most Porcupines are shot in Tanzania also coincides with the hunting season which is from July to December. The best months for hunting Porcupines are the dry winter and autumn months in Southern Africa when the vegetation is sparse and this being the main hunting season.


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Porcupines are generally hunted as a trophy of opportunity when you bump into an animal and you are not busy on a walk and stalk. If you specifically want to hunt a Porcupine, as is the case on the private territories of South Africa and Namibia, they may be hunted at night with the aid of an artificial light. This service may often be offered at an additional cost and will involve you driving around the property with a spotlight. Bow hunters may need to jump out of the vehicle and follow on foot to arrow a specimen.

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Why hunt Porcupine?

Porcupine may not be high on your priority list but they make an awesome full mounted trophy, with their quills all raised. These giant rodents can be a pest to crop growing farmers and their meat is much sought after by the local people. The quills are used by witch doctors to puncture the skin, much like a needle, to apply natural medicines to their customers in the traditional way. The quills can also be used for lamp shades and there is a magnificent dolls house built from quills in the Graaff-Reinet Museum in South Africa. Porcupines are also a popular mount found in various positions as habitat with a Leopard mount.

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