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Karte von Uruguay

Uruguay is a sovereign nation in South America, bordered by Argentina to the west, Brazil to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east. This strategic location provides varied ecosystems within a relatively small area, making it an ideal hunting destination with easy access to different hunting sites.

About hunting in Uruguay

Nested between Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay is a hidden gem offering high-volume dove shooting, perdiz and waterfowl hunting across its rolling plains, lush marshlands, and scenic coastlines. Mehr erfahren...

Uruguay is often referred to as the hidden jewel of South America. Its geography spans from golden beaches along the Atlantic coast to vast interior grasslands and wetlands, creating perfect habitats for a wide range of game species. A few outfitters offer big-game hunts for such animals as red deer, fallow deer, and water buffalo, but Uruguay is most renowned for its bird hunting opportunities. The country is considered one of the world’s premier destinations for high-volume dove hunting, with populations reaching into the millions, ensuring non-stop action for visiting hunters. Perdiz hunting, conducted over pointers in a traditional walk-up style, offers a more relaxed yet equally rewarding experience, with the native perdiz providing a challenging target amid the beautiful Uruguayan countryside. Waterfowl enthusiasts will find Uruguay a paradise with plentiful ducks populating the country’s extensive marshes and lagoons, offering diverse and abundant shooting opportunities. Hunting in Uruguay is highly organized and professional. Outfitters offer a range of packages that typically include all necessary permits, lodging in comfortable estancias or hunting lodges, gourmet local cuisine, and transport to and from hunting areas. English-speaking guides are available, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for international visitors. Additionally, Uruguay’s hunting lodges often combine luxury with tradition, providing a comfortable and authentic stay. Travel to Uruguay is straightforward, with international airports welcoming flights from major cities around the world. The country is known for its safety, stability, and friendly locals, making it an excellent destination for hunters traveling with families or non-hunting companions. Once there, travel within the country is easy, with short distances between different hunting areas. And if you love fishing as much as hunting, be sure to cast your lines for the unique and magnificent golden dorado! Details ausblenden


Uruguay offers competitive pricing for hunting trips, especially when considering the high volume of game and quality of services provided. Prices vary based on the duration of the stay, type of game, and services included, but overall, Uruguay presents an excellent value compared to other South American destinations. Packages often include all necessary permits, accommodation, meals, and guiding services, making for a hassle-free hunting vacation.

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In Uruguay, hunters can experience a variety of methods tailored to the game and terrain. Traditional walk-up hunting with well-trained dogs is popular for perdiz, offering an intimate and engaging hunting experience. High-volume dove shooting provides thrilling opportunities, especially near agricultural fields. Doves are often hunted by means of pass shooting, and pigeons over decoys. For waterfowl, hunters typically use blinds and decoys in the country's abundant marshes and lagoons.


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