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Pakistan is very a interesting and colorful Asian country. Most of the territory of the country is highlands and mountainous areas. There are 5 of the 14 highest peaks in the world. Rare hunter may say he has a trophy from Pakistan. Though hunting is Pakistan is well-known all over the world for interesting prey. Himalayan ibex, markhor, Sindh ibex, Punjabi urial – where else on the world you have opportunity to hunt on these beasts? Trips to Pakistan always impress even experienced hunters. Lots of people call hunting in Pakistan paradise. Hunting in Pakistan is a perfect choice if you are looking for a chance to hunt on different kinds of goats, rams, urials. Prices for hunting trips to Pakistan can vary: everything depends on accommodation and species that you choose. But still hunting in Pakistan is affordable for most of hunters. Moreover, you can be sure that trip to Pakistan will impress you not only with hunting, but nature, traditions and culture. Be ready for extreme, adrenaline and victory – we’re sure that you will feel it during the travel to Pakistan. Get new experience, check your skills. Are you ready to chase a prey in mountains of Pakistan?


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Himalayan Ibex

Himalayan Ibex Pakistan

Hunting for one of the most popular species in Pakistan - Himalayan Ibex.

Reisedauer: 7 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Dez 2020 31 Mrz 2021

Pauschalpreis $9,500 für 7 Tage, 1 Jäger
Himalayan Ibex hunt

Himalayan Ibex hunt Pakistan

Himalayan Ibex (Capra ibex sibirica) is symbol of arid and rocky mountain of Karakoram, Hindukush and Himalayas of Gilgit-Baltistan. The males have heavy body, large horns, long bears and females are small body small horns. Its presence in its natural habitat is essential to maintain healthy ecosystem.

Reisedauer: 9 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Okt 2020 30 Apr 2021

Pauschalpreis $13,900 für 9 Tage, 1 Jäger
Punjab Urial Hunt

Punjab Urial Hunt Pakistan

The Punjab Urial can be found in Pakistan only. The average horn length of Punjab Urial is 24 – 30 inches (60 - 76 cm). The biggest trophies registered by the SCI Record book 32 inches for Punjab specie (right horn, scored 135 points).. Altitude: 600 - 1500 meters at this time of the year temperatures in the area will be 10 to 30°C. Therefore, the clients need to be well equipped with their outfits. A good quality sleeping bag is recommended.

Reisedauer: 5 Tage

Jagdsaison: 15 Dez 2020 1 Mrz 2021

Pauschalpreis $31,000 für 5 Tage, 1 Jäger

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