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Latvia, located in northern Europe along the coast of Baltic Sea on the western border of Russia, is one of three countries known collectively as the Baltic States. Most of the country consists of a mosaic of vast forests alternating with fields, farms, and pasture land. The country has the fifth-highest proportion of forested land in the European Union, with forests making up some 56 percent of the total land area. Latvia also has miles of beautiful, undeveloped seashore. This wealth of habitat has given rise to a long tradition of conservation in Latvia and excellent wildlife management. More than 10,000 European moose are taken each year in Latvia, primarily from stands or high seats but also with the use of moose dogs and calling during the rut. Driven wild boar hunts are also popular. Other huntable game found in Latvia includes the European lynx (often hunted with hounds, similar to cougars in the USA), red stags, and the unusual but highly sought-after raccoon dog. Bird hunters will find good populations of capercaillie and black grouse in Latvia.


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