Dall Sheep hunting

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Where to hunt Dall Sheep

The snow-colored Dall sheep inhabits the snow-covered peaks of America’s northmost mountain ranges. Like other iconic species, Dall sheep is raised on game farms and ranches far away from its original habitat, like Argentina and Texas. But for the genuine hunting experience, you’ll have to travel to some of the most remote and inaccessible areas of the continent, with most hunting opportunities located in Alaska and Yukon.


The most affordable Dall hunting experiences are to be found on game farms and ranches in Texas and Argentina, and cost between $2,500 and $5,000. Hunts in Dall sheep’s natural range include travel to remote destinations, and are typically priced between $16,000 and $20,000. You may have to add the cost of licenses and tags, and travel from your residence to state or provincial capital. A Dall sheep hunt can be combined with a caribou or bear hunt, which could mean a better bargain overall.

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Dall sheep are some of the most beautiful and desirable members of the sheep family. But the family includes many other members that dwell in many amazing places, and offer fantastic hunting opportunities. Learn about them from our blog story.

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When to hunt Dall Sheep?

The Dall sheep hunting season is short. In Alaska it runs from August 10 to September 20. In Yukon it may run until the end of October in some zones, but the best times for sheep hunting are early in the season. On game farms and ranches the animal of course can be hunted a year round.


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In August and September Dall sheep mostly graze on the Alpine meadows, but may descend below the tree line for water or to visit a salt lick. Their white coat makes them relatively easy to stalk over long distance. Stalking them is another story, with natural alertness of the animal intensified by difficulty of walking over boulders, dwarf pine, bogs, and whatnot. Glass from below, stalk from above, don’t show yourself over the skyline, and try to hold back “sheep fever” as you realize the ram of your dreams is in your sights, or almost there.

Why hunt Dall Sheep?

Dall sheep populations have been protected not only by game laws, but also by the remoteness and inaccessibility of their habitat. To harvest a mature ram, a hunter will have to live in a spike camp with the scantest of comfort, cover mile after mile on terrain where even sheep can break their land, freeze on the permafrost and boil over with sweat. What for, you may ask? For a few pounds of (absolutely delicious) meat and graceful, curling hurls? Or for the flow of emotions that only hunters will understand, as you almost crawl on your belly to take the position for the shot? If you possibly can, go Dall sheep hunting and discover why it’s on almost every serious hunter’s dream hunt list!

Big game hunt in La Pampa/Patagonia

Big game hunt in La Pampa/Patagonia Argentinien

The big hunting ranch is located in the Southeast of La Pampa province, Argentina. Has an extension of 37.500 non-fenced acres, of which 25.000 acres are covered with bush. The hunting days are depend on the species that you choose. Hunting hour for red stag are from early in the morning to midday, and from mid-afternoon until dark. The hunt can take place by stalking and also lying in wait. Wild boars are usually hunted by waiting in a hunting tower at night during full moon. Puma is hunted by lying in wait, stalking or by using dogs to track them through the bushes. For all other species a guide will be ever present to track the animal down in the bushes and instruct the hunter which animal will be a good trophy. Possible program: Day 1: Reception at Ezeiza International airport in Buenos Aires city custom cleaning and transfer to Domestic airport to take a flight to Bahia Blanca city (2 hours flight). Reception at Bahia Blanca airport and transfer to hunting Lodge (2 hours drive). Reception at lodge, distribution of rooms, quick snack and enjoy a half day of Big Game Hunt. Day 2-3-4: Full Big Game Hunt Day 5: Half Big Game Hunting day, lunch and transfer to Bahia Blanca airport. Reception at Domestic airport in Buenos Aires and transfer to Ezeiza International airport. End of our services. Please take the hunting seasons into consideration while choosing species from the trophy list. For Red stag: March 1st to May 31th – Rut season during end of March till middle of April For Puma : February 15th to September 30th For all other species offered : The season is open ALL YEAR ROUND The reception and the assistance in the airport and a bilingual guide included in the price as well.

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Father and Son Special Package - 2021

Father and Son Special Package - 2021 Argentinien

Hunting with families is something special and memorable for us! We are a father and a daughter sharing our passion for hunting around the world. A passion for hunting and outdoors drive the big dream of us, to develop and manage this hunting lodge. One of our goals is to inspire children to enjoy, love and preserve the outdoors. Encouraging hunting for generations to come is a very important issue in our family. This special hunting package is for those families who want to share their passion for hunting with us. This special hunting package is for those families who want to share their passion for hunting with us: Father/Mother - Daughter / Son - The packed Includes: 7 nights/ 6 hunting days, lodging included for 1 adult and 1 child, 1 free-range Red stag (no score limit), 1 free-range management stag, 1 texas dall sheep, 1 blackbuck antelope and 1 day of doves shooting for both hunters, 2x1 guiding. Special price: $7,995 / Regular price $10,950 - Please, do not hesitate to ask us about "Families packages". Your Argentina hunting adventure begins following an overnight flight to Santa Rosa, capital of La Pampa. One of our guide, will meet you at the Santa Rosa airport for an hour transfer to the lodge. The following 6 days will be full hunting days in search of the trophies. The Red stag hunting starts in the morning before dawn with breakfast and return to the lodge before noon. After the lunch, you can rest in the lodge for a couple of hours to be ready to enjoy the next hunting adventure of the day. You will return after sunset to enjoy the dinner with us. After the stag morning hunting you both will have the opportunity to hunt the other species. We will do our utmost to ensure your comfort and make you feel welcome throughout your stay with us. We also offer rainbow-trout fishing (owned lodge) in Santa Cruz province, Doves in Cordoba and gold fishing and duck in Santa Fe province.

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Dall Sheep Hunt 1x1 '21

Dall Sheep Hunt 1x1 '21 USA

Hunts are conducted in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 9 day Dall Sheep Hunt 1 on 1 hunt runs August 10-18 and 20-28. Caribou may be added for fee, or combined with Grizzly tag

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Dall Schaf

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