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7 Day Cape Buffalo Hunt

7 Day Cape Buffalo Hunt Südafrika

EVERY hunter, in every conversation has always got one thing in common and that is CAPE BUFFALO, also known as AFRICA’S BLACK DEATH. For many this is the ultimate animal to hunt and we would like to be part of your buffalo hunting dream. South Africa has slowly but surely built up buffalo herds and quality that has made it one of the best destinations to hunt your Cape Buffalo. Always remember that the buffalo’s attitude has got nothing to do with its address where you find him. When you face one and put your first bullet in him they all become a wounded buffalo that will take on anyone. The buffalo hunting experience we offer will be nothing less than what you expect from a true buffalo hunt. The 7 days Buffalo package includes 1x Cape Buffalo trophy up to 40". Upgrades available as per price list and any other species may be added. Please inquire for available dates!

Trip duration: 7 Tag

Jagdsaison: 1 Mrz 2019 31 Okt 2019

$11,000 für 1 Jäger
Special: Buffalo Cow Hunt

Special: Buffalo Cow Hunt Südafrika

BUFFALO COW HUNT We guarantee an unforgettable hunting safari on 17 000 acres of pure African bush. The hunting package is customized to the preferences of the hunter, whether it is by bow or rifle, on foot or from a vehicle. Apart from Buffalo, We also offer trophy Kudu, Impala, Waterbuck, Gemsbuck and Sable. The exclusivity of one hunter only at any given time is guaranteed. A qualified professional hunter and tracker will be provided. Experienced skinners and administrative personnel will provide further support with the trophies. We prefer Sunday to Sunday bookings as we do not allow hunting on Sundays.

Trip duration: 7 Tag

Jagdsaison: 1 Jan 2020 31 Dez 2020

$5,177 für 1 Jäger
Limpopo Plains Game 1x1

Limpopo Plains Game 1x1 Südafrika

This is a classical plais game hunt with 1 guide for 1 hunter.

Trip duration: 5 - 12 Tage

Jagdsaison: 1 Mrz 2019 30 Nov 2019

$14,800 für 1 Jäger
Afrikanischer Büffel

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