Tuskless Elephant hunting

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Where to hunt Tuskless Elephant

Elephants are split into three species, of which two are found on the African continent, namely the African Savanna Elephant and the African Forest Elephant. Tuskless African Elephants have evolved from years and years of poaching pressure where Elephants with tusks have been removed by poachers leaving the Tuskless Elephants. These genes are now being passed on to the next generation and more and more individuals are born without tusks. Tuskless Elephant are in the majority of cases females and occur in numerous countries but mainly hunted in Zimbabwe.


A 7-day baseline Tuskless Elephant hunt will cost you $14,650 which includes a trophy fee of $4,500. The following combination hunts including Tuskless Elephants are available: 10-day hunt plus trophy fees for additional plains game for $15,000-19,500 10-day package including a Buffalo for $19,000-21,000 15-day package including a Buffalo and Hippo for $26,250 15-day package including a Leopard and Buffalo for $36,000 21-day package including Lion, Leopard, Buffalo for $87,500

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When to hunt Tuskless Elephant?

Elephant hunting season is open year round in Zimbabwe. The best time to hunt Elephants is the dry cooler winter season as these big beasts need to drink water on a regular basis and find food for the better part of eighteen hours a day. This forces them to keep moving in their search of food and water meaning that you will have a better chance of cutting some fresh tracks. The majority of these hunts take place in the Zambezi Valley which can record very high and uncomfortable temperatures in October, known locally as “suicide month”.



Spot and stalk or the traditional Elephant hunt conducted on foot using trackers to find spoor and the track down the animal are generally the methods used to hunt these beasts. The starting point is normally a road or track and in some instances a watering point or salt licks. Make sure you have comfortable boots and plenty of water as it can take many hours of walking to catch up to an Elephant herd. Only once you have a visual will you know if there is a suitable tuskless cow in the group without a dependent calf. In most cases you will sneak in close for a shot, often in thick bush. You will be able to hear the Elephants feeding and you need to be very sensitive to any change in wind direction.

Why hunt Tuskless Elephant?

Tuskless Elephant hunting is probably the most dangerous and biggest adrenaline rush you will ever experience. These are the most volatile animals you may come across, many are shot in self-preservation during a normal plains game or Buffalo hunt. These Tuskless Elephants have developed a nasty temperament from being poached and harassed by villages protecting their crops and homes. These enormous beasts have incredible strength, bulk and speed giving them the advantage over any human trying to run in the thick jess bush where you are likely to encounter them. Once the Elephant is down people will miraculously appear from everywhere and thank you for providing them with all this meat which will sustain a village for the months to come.

7 Day Non-Trophy Elephant Safari

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