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Baiting trips for big game 246 hunts

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5 days

Semi-Guided Black Bear Hunt, Sept. 9-19 Maine, United States

We offer a unique hunting experience for either first time or seasoned bear hunters and a hunt that can be shared amongst family members or friends. Our bears typically average 250 pounds with exceptional bears harvested each year between 400-600 pounds. We take a lot of pride in our bear hunts and make them very enjoyable to you by providing a hunt that includes meals, lodging, guide, your stand/ blind, bait, transportation to and from the stand, meals, and skinning of your trophy black bear. We lease and hunt over one hundred and fifty stands located on very remote paper mill land. Our sites are baited thirty days in advance of the hunts to insure that the bears are actively frequenting the stands. You will definitely realize the beauty and peacefulness of our hunting areas. We offer both right and left handed tree stands and ground blinds, and only hunt over active baits. After claiming your trophy, the animal is professionally skinned and quartered to your specifications, upon your return to camp. It is then put into frozen storage awaiting your departure. We offer onsite taxidermy service for your convenience as well. We also have excellent trout fishing available to you or you can hunt coyote once you have taken your bear. Four Bear hunting weeks are offered within the season dates. Arrival is on Sunday at noon and departure is on Saturday morning. You will need a big game hunting license and a bear permit. If you are hunting with archery equipment ONLY then you can purchase an archery license and bear permit. You can purchase bear licenses over-the-counter but must show proof of hunting license from your state. Licenses may be purchased online:

Baiting Bow Hunting High Seat Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting

Black bear

Package Trip Semi-guided Fishing Gun Rental Dangerous Game Predators
Semi-Guided Black Bear Hunt, Sept. 9-19 Semi-Guided Black Bear Hunt, Sept. 9-19 Semi-Guided Black Bear Hunt, Sept. 9-19 Semi-Guided Black Bear Hunt, Sept. 9-19 Semi-Guided Black Bear Hunt, Sept. 9-19
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

9 reviews

Trip available on: 9 Sep 2019 13 Sep 2019

5 days

Spring Mountain Lion Hunt '20 Colorado, United States

This hunt is primarily conducted off horses and mules. We ride deep into cougar country following travel ways and scrape lines left behind by giant toms as they roam around in search of promising females. A scrape is a way cougars use to communicate to one another about each others territory and boundaries. Scrapes are also used as a calling card to bring breeding pairs closer together. Not an activitity that happens as regularly during winter months. Having keen knowledge of these special behaviors and the areas they take place, gives us huge advantages in locating and harvesting these magnificent creatures.It is hard to describe the pleasure one gets watching his hounds learn and progress. Nothing puts their skills to the test like free casting them off horse back in bare ground condition. They learn to work as a team by fanning out and individually searching for the smallest amount of cougar scent. Then they ban together, noses to the ground helping each other move the track forward as fast as they possibly can without making mistakes. Often times this happens in conditions where there is no visible sign for man to see. This leaves us nothing to rely on but the narutal instincts of their noses. No other time of the year can you experience this type of spectacular hound work. Please note that education course is obligatory for this hunt.

Baiting Rifle Hunting Stalking Walk Up With Dogs

Mountain lion / Puma

Package Trip Gun Rental Transfer Dangerous Game Predators
Spring Mountain Lion Hunt '20 Spring Mountain Lion Hunt '20 Spring Mountain Lion Hunt '20 Spring Mountain Lion Hunt '20 Spring Mountain Lion Hunt '20
Package price
for 5 days, 1 hunter

3 reviews

Trip available on: 15 Feb 2020 15 May 2020

4 days

Gun Hunt 4 days/nigths Kentucky, United States

This is the most exciting time of the year. The bucks seem to be running everywhere. Kentucky only allows 1 buck per hunter per year, that's why we are producing larger deer than most states. Hunt in tower blinds and ladder stands on most food plots. The cabin is a basic deer camp - trailer with power, heat, etc. No water inside which means no bathroom inside. You go outside; however, there is water outside. Bunkbeds and a few other beds. It is very basic and about a 1/2 mile from the hunting grounds. You can also stay in a motel 20 miles away. Photos shown here are from my "home" property of 155 acres - The property you'd be at is much bigger. Property is 300-400 acres, blended open land and wooded - irregular shaped open and wooded. Ask to see a map. There is also a 200 acre section on the back end, that is a mixture of wooded and open, but it has around 40 cows that usually stay grouped up together on the same 10 acres. The farmer may feed the may at noon, which will keep them in one area. It's just an option. You can shoot into that land 500 yards if you see a buck and stay on the 300-400. Because strangers won't be mixed in on the property or at camp, there is a 2 HUNTER MINIMUM to book. You can bring 4 guys, heck I'll take your money if you bring more, but 2-4 is good company. There is a 125 inch buck minimum rule with no does to be shot at during this trophy buck hunting time. There is a $200 self-imposed fine for accidentally shooting a small buck. Upon booking, whether you can take the tour or not, I'll mail you out maps of where the trails are, the food plots, whats in each food plots, where the ladder stand and elevated blinds are, where to field dress deer, etc. We don't walk you to your stands or cook food for you. The work has been done, now you just need to hunt! If you prefer company of outfitters and guides, they are an excellent resource, but that's just not what we offer.

Baiting High Seat Hunting From A Blind Rifle Hunting

White-tailed deer

Package Trip Self-guided
Gun Hunt 4 days/nigths Gun Hunt 4 days/nigths Gun Hunt 4 days/nigths Gun Hunt 4 days/nigths Gun Hunt 4 days/nigths
Package price
for 4 days, 1 hunter

6 reviews

Trip available on: 15 Nov 2019 18 Nov 2019

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