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Primos Hunting The Lil' Can Estrus Bleat, Compact Design for Authentic Doe and Fawn Vocalizations

Primos Hunting The Lil' Can Estrus Bleat, Compact Design for Authentic Doe and Fawn Vocalizations

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Product details

Bring realism into your hunting strategy with Primos Hunting's The Lil' Can Estrus Bleat. This compact yet effective call produces authentic doe and fawn vocalizations, including estrus bleats ideal for the rut season. Its simple, one-handed operation allows you to maintain your focus and quickly switch between different calls, making it a versatile tool for any deer hunting scenario. Built from durable materials, The Lil' Can is designed to withstand the elements and perform reliably for many seasons to come. Its lightweight and portable design make it a convenient addition to your hunting gear, ensuring you're prepared for any situation. Trust in the quality and innovation of Primos Hunting to elevate your hunting experience


  • True-to-Life Sounds: Crafted for precision, The Lil' Can Estrus Bleat from Primos Hunting delivers lifelike doe and fawn vocalizations, significantly increasing your chances of attracting deer
  • Estrus Bleats for Rut: Specifically designed to produce estrus bleats, this call is extremely effective for attracting bucks during the rut season
  • User-Friendly: Engineered for easy, one-handed operation, the intuitive design allows you to make the perfect call without losing focus on your hunt
  • Built to Last: Constructed from durable materials, this call is designed to withstand various weather conditions, providing reliable performance throughout multiple hunting seasons
  • Compact and Convenient: Its lightweight, portable design makes it a must-have addition to any hunting kit, ensuring you're always prepared for the moment of truth
  • Smaller for higher pitched bleats of young does
  • Perfect for early season hunting


Brand:Primos Hunting
Hand Orientation:Ambidextrous
Fishing Technique:Spinning, Casting
Item Weight:0.13 Pounds
Model Name:Primos Hunting The Little Can Call Green
Product Dimensions:4"L x 1"W x 6"H