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MTM Ammo Belt Pouch (Red) Small

MTM Ammo Belt Pouch (Red) Small

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Product details

With the MTM ABP there will be no more fishing in your pocket for ammo. For the shooter who was always carrying ammo in his pocket. MTM Case-Gard introduces the Ammo Belt Pouch. With a sturdy snap latch and heavy duty belt clip, all you have to do is pour, clip and your ready to shoot. Also a great place to put spent brass. It was designed to hold a 100 rounds of 22 long rifles. Great for target shooting, plinking or small game hunting.


  • For .22, .22LR, 17HMR, Air gun pellets, BBs and 9mm ammo
  • Holds up to 100, 22LR rounds
  • Rugged construction
  • Great for hunting and off-hand rifle or pistol shooting
  • Lifetime guaranteed; Made in USA


Product Dimensions:3.75"L x 3.13"W x 2.88"H
Item Weight:1.44 ounces