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Maxim 38 Peep Sight

Maxim 38 Peep Sight

SKU: RAD24017
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Product details

The is a self-aligning peep sight made specifically for the shorter bows of today. The 38 degree angled aperture allows even the long draw archer a true round hole at full draw with bows as short as 30” axle to axle. The special hood design helps keep rain and sunlight out of the aperture area. The alignment post of the Maxim 38 is separated from the aperture by 10 degrees assuring that you will never see the post or tubing at full draw. Available in two different post styles to fit either Micro diameter tubing or Standard diameter tubing.


  • Peeps/Peep Tubing
  • Made of a special hybrid/high impact polymer.
  • The 38° angled aperture gives long draw archers a one-piece self-aligning peep.
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Brand:Radical Archery
Item Weight:4 Ounces
Material:hybrid/high impact polymer
Night vision:No