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Hornady Shell Holder No. 30 390570

Hornady Shell Holder No. 30 390570

SKU: HORS390570
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Product details

Precision machined from solid steel, the Hornady No. 30 Shell Holder - 445 Super Magnum (SH) is just what you need to ensure a clean ignition source for your Bullet Reloading Dies. This .30 caliber Shell Holder 390570 from a trusted name in the business. To ensure our high standards of quality, the Hornady Number 30 Shell Holder is put through rigorous quality control processes. Using this shell holder means your threads will always be tight because they're CNC machined according to exacting tolerances. The Hornady Number 30 Shell Holder will fit most brands of presses on the market.


Cartridge:.445 Super Magnum
Additional Features:Shell Holder
Caliber:.44 Caliber
Cartridge:.445 Super Magnum