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Hoppe's 9 Boresnake Snake Cleaning Kit, 28 Gauge, 24032D

Hoppe's 9 Boresnake Snake Cleaning Kit, 28 Gauge, 24032D

SKU: HOP24032D
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Product details

Versatility is the key when it comes to gun maintenance, so invest in a tool that you know will be useful. With the BoreSnake Snake Den, you can get everything you need in a single package. Shotgun owners will adore this option as it doubles as a carrying case and a pull handle. The lid of the weapon accessory features an innovative design that allows you to easily clean your shotgun by simply removing the BoreSnake from the case and pulling it through the shotgun's bore. The tail of the cleaning tool then clears the barrel of any debris and even carbon buildup, ensuring a perfect sweep with zero mess. Not only are these Hoppes Snake Bore Kits convenient for everyday use, but they are also great for travel as the entire kit fits neatly into a range bag or backpack for easy storage. Get your Shotgun Snake Den today and enjoy the benefits of using an effective, dependable, and dependable cleaning tool.


  • Convenient new case for easy storage and transport
  • Lid acts as a pull handle
  • Includes The Original BoreSnake
  • Patented case design


Cartridge:28 Gauge
Gun Type:Shotgun
Caliber:.55 Caliber
Cartridge:28 Gauge
Gun Type:Shotgun