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G5 Outdoors G5 Broadhead Striker V2 Fixed 3-blade 125gr 1 1/4'' Cut 3pk

G5 Outdoors G5 Broadhead Striker V2 Fixed 3-blade 125gr 1 1/4'' Cut 3pk

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Product details

G5 Fixed V2 Striker head designed to deliver a devastating wound channel with a short but intense cutting action. This mechanical broadhead has a fixed 3-blade and 125-grain v-notch weight that cuts an impressive 1 1/4-inch wound channel. The fixed blade design allows you to precisely control the flight of your arrow, which improves the flight track and accuracy. The main v-notch in the front of the G5 Fixed V2 Striker broadhead creates an undulating vortex that traps and vaporizes game. This is the same deadly broadhead in the fixed-blade version of the G5 Head V2 that you know and love. This version has a shortened flight path, which results in a shorter blade that isnt as effective as the V2 fixed-blade, and a shorter blade that still packs a punch. When you need a hunting broadhead that sacrifices nothing in the ease and forgiveness of a mechanical design but still has the power and durability of a fixed-blade, look no further than the G5 Striker V2 fixed-blade broadhead. The streamlined, tapered profile of the G5 Striker V2 fixed-blade is leaner, which increases flight, hits on target with the same shocking energy of a fixed-blade broadhead, and penetrates an additional 1.25 inches, leaving you with a smaller wound channel than a typical one-piece broadhead.


Weight:8.09986 g
Weight Range:0 - 0.49 lb