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Cold Steel MAA Arming Sword, Black, 34.75"

Cold Steel MAA Arming Sword, Black, 34.75"

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Product details

The Arming Sword takes its inspiration from the side arm of choice for many of history’s foot soldiers and journeyman warriors. Smaller and more agile than many of the heavier swords on the battlefield, this double edged blade was light enough to be easily wielded with one hand, and stiff enough to find vulnerable gaps in a knight’s plate armor, or burst through his mail! Our interpretation of this lightning fast fighter’s sword is made from expertly heat treated carbon steel and richly blued to an inky black finish. Featuring pronounced upturned parrying Quilon's, a fluted leather grip, and a counter balancing wheel pommel, the Arming Sword is beautifully balanced, and, with all blued steel fittings, it’s good looking too! The MAA Arming Sword is sold complete with a hand stitched black leather scabbard with a steel throat and chapel.


  • Made in India
  • Package height :95.3 cm
  • Package length :14.2 cm
  • Package width :19.8 cm
  • Package weight :2.041 kg


Brand:Cold Steel
Blade Length:34.75 Inches
Handle Material:Alloy Steel
Blade Material:Alloy Steel