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Alaska Hunter Hip Holster S&W LK 6"

Alaska Hunter Hip Holster S&W LK 6"

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Product details

The Alaska Hunter leather gun holster is a hip holster with ease of carry in mind. We have placed three scres on the back of this holster, this feature enables the user to either slide their belt through the loop, or unscrew the three screws and wrap it around a backpack or any other strap that can not be disconnected. This is a great choice for carrying your firearm on your hip securely while at the same time offering you the versatility to take it with you anywhere.


  • 100% hand made in Alaska using the finest American Leather
  • Double layered for added strength, security and protections
  • Fits up to a 2" belt or around a backpack waist strap, this is the ULTIMATE gun holster for revolvers


Brand:Diamond D
Color:natural oil