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10 - 14 days

Buffalo & Hippo Hunt '18 Zimbabwe

Buffalo hunting is done in areas with abundant Buffalo. Our focus is sustainable offtake and focusing on Dugga Boys. We will only hunt the herds early in the year when the bulls are with the cows, but come June we avoid applying pressure on the herds where possible. This helps keeping the Buffalo herds in big numbers and is better for protection towards predators like lion and hyena. From June onwards we focus on the Dugga boys. This does make it harder but most certainly more rewarding when that mature bull is taken. We have very seldom failed on a buffalo hunt, by making sure all quotas are sustainable. Hunts start off in the morning by cutting tracks and you generally catch up to the bulls or herd within an hour. Lots of crawling is done to try getting close and getting a better look. Our hunts are not strenuous but very exciting. We have a good enough road network that tracks can still be found in the afternoon and more often than not, Buffalo are seen from the vehicle. Hippo are hunted on land and water however in the Zambezi hunting them in strong current is avoided as you will lose your trophy. Hippo Bulls are generally hunted for trophy however, it’s near impossible to judge a Hippo in the water or land. So we focus on Mature Bulls and hope for the best. Hippo cows are hunted for bait for Lion hunts. Cows are substantially cheaper than bulls and can also be taken as a trophy. Hippo have poor eyesight and are not very difficult to approach. Alarm calls from birds are their biggest defence.

Rifle Hunting Stalking

Cape buffalo Hippo

Fishing Gun Rental Transfer Big Four Dangerous Game
Buffalo & Hippo Hunt '18 Buffalo & Hippo Hunt '18 Buffalo & Hippo Hunt '18 Buffalo & Hippo Hunt '18 Buffalo & Hippo Hunt '18
Price from
for 10 days, 1 hunter

1 review

Trip available on: 1 Mar 2018 30 Nov 2018

10 days

8 days Hunting Safari in 5* lodge South Africa

The area is enormous and has a very varied biodiversity. The daily driving distance entirely depends on the species you wish to hunt, but most of the hunting is within a 30-60 min. drive. The hunt is usually done as a mix of driving in open safari jeeps to find the game, and stalking. These arrangements are done in close coordination with your PH (Professional Hunter) who always accompanies you during the hunt, and is there solely to assist and help in any way possible. Furthermore you will be accompanied by highly qualified Trackers that can find even the smallest of tracks left behind. A typical day starts at around 5.30, with a big continental breakfast followed by a quick drive to your designated hunting area where you, together with your PH and Tracker will start your hunt. As the heat starts to rise, and the animals stop being active, its time for a mid-day break. You either drive back to The Elephant Lodge, or you rest under a three whilst lunch is prepared. After an energizing meal and well deserved break you start up again, and continue until sunset – or when you wish to return to The Elephant Lodge. If you at any point want to stop for the day, or otherwise have any preferences, this is your prerogative. Nett price for 9 days stay including 8 days hunt 1:1 and 3 animals (Kudu bull up to 54", 1x Impala, 1x Blesbuck) Trophy guarantee/refund for animals not delivered. Kudu $2.000 refund, Impala $360 refund, Blesbuck $396 refund. Trophies can without charge be substituted for any other trophies according to the price list and will be credit according to above mentioned values.

Bow Hunting Rifle Hunting Stalking

Common blesbuck Impala Southern greater kudu

Fenced Area Gun Rental Transfer Plains Game
8 days Hunting Safari in 5* lodge 8 days Hunting Safari in 5* lodge 8 days Hunting Safari in 5* lodge 8 days Hunting Safari in 5* lodge 8 days Hunting Safari in 5* lodge
Price from
for 10 days, 1 hunter , 1 guest

Trip available on: 1 Jan 2017 31 Dec 2017