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Why Romania

Hunting in Romania: True wilderness

True wilderness

Hunting Romania’s primeval forests and rugged mountainsides is the perfect way to experience one of the last true wilderness regions on the European continent

Hunting in Romania: Game animals

Game animals

Romania is home to a wide variety of sought-after game animals from brown bears and wolves to roe deer, stags, wild boars, and chamois

Hunting in Romania: Touring opportunities

Touring opportunities

From its authentic medieval castles, to mysterious Transylvania, to the beautiful shores of the Black Sea, Romania offers plenty of cultural and historic touring opportunities when your hunt is over

About hunting in Romania

Romania is one of the few countries in Europe that still retains its true wilderness character. Wolves, brown bears, and wild boars inhabit the primeval forests, and roe deer, red stags, fallow deer, and chamois are also abundant. The country offers a wide variety of hunting experiences, from rustic hunts by carriage for roe deer to classic hunts for red stags in sprawling forests, to hunts in the dead of winter for wild boars and wolves. It has one of the largest areas of undisturbed forest in Europe, covering almost 27 percent of the country. Romania’s hunting culture goes back centuries, and today the country is known for its excellent game management. It has the largest populations of both Eurasian brown bears and wolves in Europe; by one estimate, the country contains almost 70 percent of the total population of Eurasian brown bears in Europe, and most hunters see multiple bears during their hunt. These are huge bears, often exceeding 800 pounds. Bears are hunted in both fall and spring and may be taken by stalking, over bait, or on a drive with beaters. The largest subspecies of chamois in the world, the Carpathian chamois, is native to the Carpathian Mountains. The CIC world record for a chamois, as well as eight of the top ten heads, come from Romania. Chamois hunts involve a great deal of walking and climbing, rewarding the hunter with breathtaking views. The red stags of the remote Carpathian Mountains grow larger, on average, than red stags in Western Europe, and Romania has produced some of the largest stags ever taken. These stags are free-ranging, and are hunted by stalking or in some cases by using horses. Wolf populations are strong in Romania, and can be hunted during the fall and winter by tracking, stalking, calling, or driving with beaters. Romania is also a wingshooter’s paradise. The Danube delta region near the Black Sea is home to vast numbers of geese, woodcock, ducks, quail, and many other game birds.

What you need to know

  • 1. Planning your trip
  • 2. Upon arrival
  • 3. Hunting
  • 4. After the hunt

Planning your trip


American and Canadian citizens as well as citizens of Australia, New Zealand, and most European countries do not need an entry visa to visit Romania for stays up to 90 days. However, a valid passport is required for all international visitors except for citizens of the countries of the European Union, who can enter Romania with their Identity Card.

No vaccinations are necessary, and there is no Entry or Departure Tax.


It is not difficult to bring a firearm to Romania, but you must arrange the details with your outfitter in advance. You must obtain a letter of invitation from your outfitter; to receive this you’ll need to provide all rifle and ammunition details in advance, have a valid hunting license from your home country, and have proof of an internationally valid medical insurance policy (in case of a hunting accident).

Hunting seasons

Roe deer: May 15 - October 15

Red deer: September 25 - October 5

Wild boar: August 1 - February 15

Wolf: September 15 - March 31

Brown bear: March 15 - May 15 and September 15 - December 15

Upon arrival

When arriving in the country, hunters must declare their guns and show their letter of invitation to hunt, which will be provided by the outfitter. The letter should include the hunter’s name, passport number, and details of the gun(s), including caliber and serial number. The hunter will also be required to show a valid hunting license from his or her home country, a gun permit or U.S. Customs 4457 form, and proof of medical insurance.


As 47 percent of Romania’s land area is covered with natural ecosystems, there is a great deal of variation in the hunting terrain. Roebuck and wild boar hunts may take place in open areas, while red deer and brown bears are often be hunted in heavily forested regions. Hunting methods vary, depending on species and location, and you may use more than one method during any hunt so it may be necessary to have clothing appropriate for both walking and standing. Driven hunts are common for many species; if you will be taking part in a driven hunt, fast-handling rifles with low-power scopes are generally recommended. Chamois hunts take place at elevations that may exceed 6,500 feet, so prepare as you would for any mountain hunt. Winter hunts for wolves and wild boars take place in extremely cold weather and you will probably be sitting for long periods; however, heated blinds are often used, so check with your outfitter.

After the hunt

Upon request, the outfitter should be able to arrange most documents required for trophy export, and in many cases the cleaned and dried horns and skins can be taken home immediately by the hunter. This does not apply to species that require CITES permits, such as brown bears. Once a CITES permit has been issued, the trophy can be shipped to you.

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3 Days Wild boar DRIVEN HUNT

3 Days Wild boar DRIVEN HUNT Romania

This hunt is for 4 hunters min. Very adaptable to the environment conditions, the wild boar can be equally met from the alpine forests to plain areas and even in the Danube Delta. We offer you 3 full hunting days and 4 nights. Supplement for extra day 200 euro/hunter.

Trip duration: 3 days

Trip available on: 1 September 2019 31 January 2020

$1,449 for 1 hunter
Roe deer hunt

Roe deer hunt Romania

Is the most hunted species of deers family in Romania. We have very good population, the largest densities are in plain areas. We hunt in plain areas with forests and agricultural crops, or hills areas with forests, agricultural crops and meadows. Depending of the hunting period and hunting area we can combine with: wild boar, brown bear, fallow deer, stag and chamois. Period of hunt: male: 1 May -15 October female and youth: 1 September - 15 February Optimal period for buck: 1 May - 15 June (when the vegetation is low) and 20 July - 10 August (during the rut). Hunting methods: stalking and waiting in high seat. Number of hunters: 1-5 You can choose a hotel instead the lodge: which is 30 km far from the territory.

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 1 May 2019 15 October 2019

$1,262 for 1 hunter
Wild boar driven hunt

Wild boar driven hunt Romania

Wild boars hunt is the most popular and excited hunting method in Romania, is the place where you can hunt big males over 250-300 kg. We hunt in forests plains, forest hills and mountains of Carpathians, not in any fenced area. Depending of the period and hunting area we can combine with: roe deer, stag, fallow deer, chamois, brown bear, wolf and wild small game. 5 day/4 night/3 full hunting day. The average daily bag is between 8-15 pieces of wild boars Number of hunters: 1-12 The board and accommodation will be in the Pensiunea Minerva The hotel is 10 km far from the territory.

Trip duration: 5 days

Trip available on: 1 November 2019 31 January 2020

$1,290 for 1 hunter

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