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While many people think of America’s largest city when they think of New York, the Empire State itself is a great place to hunt, with plenty wilderness and wildlife, rugged mountains, broad waterfowl-filled river valleys, and the shorelines of two of the Great Lakes. Two-thirds of the state’s human population lives in the New York metropolitan area, and the rest of the state—referred to as “upstate” New York—is a more sparsely populated region of scenic farmland, woodland, and large mountainous areas including the Allegheny Plateau, the Catskill Mountains, and the Adirondack Mountains. Deer hunting is one of the most popular sporting opportunities in New York state. Deer populations have been on the upswing since the turn of the twentieth century and today are sought-after by thousands of avid deer hunters with rifle, bow, and muzzleloader. New York also has between 6,000 to 7,000 black bears. In recent years, black bear numbers have increased and bear populations have become more widely distributed across the state. Bear hunting is permitted in the fall throughout portions of northern, southeastern, and central-western New York. Turkeys, small game, upland birds (primarily ruffed grouse and pheasants), and waterfowl round out the excellent hunting opportunities in the Empire State. When you purchase a general hunting license in New York, you receive one regular-season deer tag, which is usually valid only for an antlered deer except in certain zones. When you purchase an archery or muzzleloader license you receive an either/sex deer tag valid only in the respective archery or muzzleloader season. Fluorescent orange is not required in New York, but it is highly recommended and most hunters wear it. Hunting regulations vary between regions and management zones, so study them carefully at

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Spring Snow Goose Hunt 2020

Spring Snow Goose Hunt 2020 United States

We provide Greater Spring Snow Goose Hunts in New York and Pennsylvania. Our hunts are conducted in Traditional Staging Habitat and Resting areas within the Atlantic Flyway. These areas are the traditional regions used by migrating Snow Geese year after year. We hunt Snow Goose on thousands of acres of private farmland in Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Our Atlantic Flyway, Greater Snow Goose hunts are strictly fair-chase, no feeders, or farm raised birds… Whether we are hunting in New York or Pennsylvania, our guests can expect the hunt preparation to start in the pre-dawn hours; where they will meet their guide, sign waivers, settle up balances and go over what they can expect for the day. Our guides will then accompany you in the field before first light and help you lure these wary Greater Snow Geese into shotgun range using a top of the line Electronic Calling system. We have hidden speakers in and amongst the decoys throughout to broadcast sounds like thousands of hungry, feeding snow geese. When the geese come into range our guides will call the shot, instructing all the hunters to take aim and harvest birds! Some days hunters that are physically able will be asked to help adjust or straighten up the decoy spread and brush a dusting of snow off from the decoys. This is a team effort and all part of the hunt.

Trip duration: 1 - 5 days

Hunting season: 16 Jan 2020 15 Apr 2020

$250 for 1 hunter
Parent & Child Full Day Combo

Parent & Child Full Day Combo United States

Father & Son/Daughter combo or Mother & Son/Daughter combo. Son/Daughter must be under the age of 14. On our duck or goose hunts, your guides will typically pick you up an hour before shooting time at the predetermined meeting point. This allows plenty of time to get to the spot, set the spread and prepare for the day. We will hunt from legal shooting time (½ hour before sunrise) until 11:00 am. Hunts will either be out of one of our top of the line Bradley pit blinds or our custom 28 ft. duck water boat, determined by the type of hunt you choose. Please specify upon calling the type of hunt and any special requirements you may prefer as we book multiple hunts and would like you to have the option and accommodations you request. Wounded Warrior Excursion: Ever so grateful to the sacrifices our service personnel have given, we are honored to host our Wounded Warriors. We extend a 25% discount to any Wounded Warrior that desires to hunt with us. We consider it an honor to have them with us. (We do require Proof of Service in order to extend this discount) Equipment List: 10 or 12 Ga. Shotgun, with #4, #2 or BB steel shot only (required by law); Warm/Waterproof clothing and/or rain gear (parkas/pants); Gloves and boots (dull colored, brown, tan, or camo is preferable) Please no bright colors!

Trip duration: 1 day

Hunting season: 24 Nov 2019 29 Jan 2020

$700 for 2 hunters
Upland Field Chukar 20 Birds Limit

Upland Field Chukar 20 Birds Limit United States

Our upland bird season runs from Sept 1st to April 15th. We are open seven days a week for both AM and PM hunts. Hunting License: As we are a Class A shooting preserve, NO HUNTING LICENSE IS REQUIRED to hunt upland birds with us. BLAZE ORANGE: We require ALL HUNTERS to wear either blaze orange hats or vests and protective eye wear. Chukar Hunt – 20 birds – 1 to 3 hunters with guide and dog – AM/PM

Trip duration: 1 day

Hunting season: 1 Sep 2019 15 Apr 2020

$895 for 1 hunter
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