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Where to hunt Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep is an all-American species. Two main varieties are recognized: desert bighorn and Rocky Mountains bighorn. The desert bighorn inhabits mountain ranges in the southwestern US, including Utah Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, as well as in Mexico. Rocky Mountain bighorn is a little bigger and dwells a bit to the north, in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Bighorn sheep can also be hunted as exotic species in countries like Uruguay.

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Bighorn sheep hunts in the USA are priced between $5,000 and $10,000, but please note that all bighorn hunting offers in the USA cover only the outfitter’s services, and do not include a tag, which must be obtained by the hunter (and that’s the hardest part of bighorn hunting - see below). Hunts in Mexico and British Columbia, by contrast, typically come with tags included, but will set you back $30,000 and up.

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If quotes for bighorn sheep hunting, governor’s tags prices, and odds of drawing a tag in a lottery make you desperate, don’t be. Bighorn are not the only huntable member of the Ovis family; there are opportunities to hunt sheep and not break the bank on our online marketplace.

22 Jul 2018 Is There Such a Thing as an Over-the-Counter Sheep Hunt that Won’t Break the Bank?

When to hunt Bighorn Sheep?

Bighorn seasons are typically generous. They may begin in early or late August and run all the way to October and November; in Mexico, bighorn sheep hunts continue to March 31. September and October are usually considered the prime time for a bighorn sheep hunt. Introduced bighorn sheep in exotic countries can often be hunted a year round.


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Most bighorn sheep hunts are outfitted and guided; hunters usually don’t want to take any chances with a tag that cost a small fortune or was a once-in-a-lifetime draw. Like most mountain game hunts, Bighorn Sheep hunts are typically spot-and-stalk. It’s hard to say which part of this equation is more difficult. Bighorn sheep’s protective coloring makes them next to invisible on the mountain slopes, and their keen senses and always-on-the-alert attitude makes them difficult to approach. Hunters will usually have to cover a lot of ground on foot, as few sheep habitats allow the use of horses, to say nothing of motor vehicles. With desert bighorn, an additional challenge is shortage of water. A good spotting scope and high-quality binoculars are essential, and so is an accurate, lightweight rifle, that you are comfortable to take long shots with.

Why hunt Bighorn Sheep?

Habitat loss, disease carried by domestic sheep, and uncontrolled hunting in the late XIX-early XX centuries greatly reduced its range and numbers, making it one of the most desirable and difficult to get mountain hunting trophy. Mountain game hunting is often considered to be the ultimate big-game hunt. Very few corners can be cut here: the hunter must earn his or her trophy by covering many miles over challenging mountain terrain, be as wary and conscious of the environment as the sheep themselves, show patience and endurance. But the reward is much greater than a pair of full curl, thick, tight curled horns. To quote the sheep hunting legend Jack O’Connor, “the old bighorn will lead the hunter into the most beautiful country he’s ever seen. He’ll wear him out, give him buck fever, and break his heart; but if the hunter is the type that’s susceptible to sheep fever he’ll never be completely happy hunting anything else.”

Bighorn Sheep Full Curl Ram W/Mule Deer

Bighorn Sheep Full Curl Ram W/Mule Deer Canada

Hunt the Bighorn rams early in September in the scenic high alpine basins while they are still in their summer habits and bachelor groups or try your luck in October. Due to bad weather and as the rut period nears the rams begin to travel and move through their range in search of ewes. Rams must have a full curl to be harvested and range from 160 to 180 Boone and Crocket. This hunt will challenge even the most dedicated hunter both physically and mentally.These rams live in some of the toughest counrty in the British Columbia Rocky Mountains,which makes any ram taken a “true trophy” Bighorn males (rams) are famous for their large, curled horns. These impressive growths are a symbol of status and a weapon used in epic battles across the BC Rocky Mountains. Rocky Mountain Bighorn ram’s horns can weigh 14 kilograms (30lbs), more than all the bones in his body combined. Bighorn females (ewes) also have horns, but they are of smaller size. Fighting for dominance or mating rights, males face each other, rear up on their hind legs, and hurl themselves at each other in charges. The resounding clash of horns can be heard echoing through the mountains as the confrontation is repeated, until one ram submits and walks away. Deer, Wolf, or Black bear can be added to most fall hunts. This hunt includes one Mule Deer.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 10 Sep 2021 25 Oct 2021

Package price $23,000 for 10 days, 1 hunter
Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep 10 Day '21

Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep 10 Day '21 Canada

Hunting Bighorns is not for the faint hearted. Rugged terrain and limited number of legal rams spread over a large area make this a challenging hunt. To increase your chances, two guides are employed to help cover the country and spot your ram. Be patient, you will spend hours glassing the mountains. Be in shape, your success depends on it. Get well acquainted with your back-pack, you'll be using it. Season Dates Sept 10- Oct 25. This is a 10 or 14 day hunt with 2 guides per hunter.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 10 Sep 2021 25 Oct 2021

Package price $35,000 for 10 days, 1 hunter
10 Day Bighorn Sheep Hunt 1x1

10 Day Bighorn Sheep Hunt 1x1 United States

One of the most coveted tags in Wyoming, if you are lucky enough to draw one, thank God, go buy a lottery ticket at your local gas station and then give us a call! We would love to help you find the sheep you've always wanted! The hunt includes accommodations and transportation during your hunt, with meals, trophy and meat care also included. Your hunt price is for one guide for two hunters, one on one hunts can be arranged in advance.

Trip duration: 10 days

Hunting season: 15 Oct 2021 31 Dec 2021

Package price $9,000 for 10 days, 1 hunter
Bighorn Sheep

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