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Wild boar driven hunt trips 48 hunts

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9 days

Big Tusker Wild Boar Hunt Special Tajikistan

You will hunt in the middle of the Kushvariston mountains, a region famous for their high population density of Bukharan Markhor and especially wild boars. Important! Daily rate is valid in case of 3 hunters in the group only! An experience you will never forget! Discover the breathtaking beauty of never-ending landscapes, high peaks and the traditional inhabitants of Tajikistan. The lowland areas of Tajikistan are very famous for their huge wild boars with big tuskers. You can expect day active big tuskers in winter on wild meadows in the valleys. In summer you will find massive wild boars under mulberry trees. Wild boar trophies (tusks) are usually above 20 cm (8 inches) length. Wild boar is hunted where it occurs in large numbers and causes significant damage to local agriculture. We also offer professionally organized hunting tours on Bukharan Markhor. All tours are organised strictly on the basis of official permits we obtain for our guests by the responsible state authorities. We are ready to tailor your hunt to your wishes. Flexibility in the number of hunting days as well as on species. Family and friends are very welcome. We would be delighted to organise special hiking tours and sightseeing programs for your family while you are on your chase. Just ask! for individual service & hunts.

Driven Hunt High Seat Rifle Hunting Stalking

Wild boar

Gun Rental Transfer
Big Tusker Wild Boar Hunt Special Big Tusker Wild Boar Hunt Special Big Tusker Wild Boar Hunt Special Big Tusker Wild Boar Hunt Special Big Tusker Wild Boar Hunt Special
Price from
for 9 days, 1 hunter

10 reviews

Trip available on: 1 Jan 2018 30 Jun 2019

3 days

3 Day Deer & Boar Driven Hunt Poland

Here in Poland our driven hunts have a wide and long parade on the end of the day, where wild boars all classes, red deer (including stags), fallow deer (including stags), female roe deer and foxes are laying down on a nice daily parade. We have special and excellent driven hunts, which we can recommend for you. These take place in state districts and hunting associations. In these districts there is every year a shooting plan which is made by the professional hunter and his qualified team of forestry experts. This plan shows the yearly shooting plan of the coming hunting season for all the big game animals in the hunting area. In the recent years, the game population grew significantly in these districts where we are hunting. The shooting numbers are in the big hunting areas on average each year by 800 red deer, 1300 wild boars, 150 fallow deer and 900 roe deer. Every morning we drive towards the carefully selected and prepared hunting forests. Our professional hunting leader with his team from beaters and their dogs are there waiting for the hunters. An unforgettable driven hunt day with 4 to 6 drives can begin. This offer includes 3 hunting days price per hunter, expectable result - 60-90 animals per group. 12 - 14 hunters - € 2.370,00 15 - 17 hunters - € 2.275,00 18 - 20 hunters - € 2.195,00 21 - 23 hunters - € 2.115,00 24 - 26 hunters - € 2.035,00 The price includes 3 red stags up to 3,49 kg OR 3 fallow stags up to 1,49 kg per hunting day. All wild boars (no trophy limit)

Driven Hunt Rifle Hunting

Wild boar Red deer

Package Trip Gun Rental Transfer
3 Day Deer & Boar Driven Hunt 3 Day Deer & Boar Driven Hunt 3 Day Deer & Boar Driven Hunt 3 Day Deer & Boar Driven Hunt 3 Day Deer & Boar Driven Hunt
Package price
for 3 days, 1 hunter

Trip available on: 1 Nov 2019 15 Jan 2020