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Where to hunt Wild Goat

Many animals can go by the name of “wild goat”, including the original wild goat (Ibex) and the Billy Goat of the Rocky Mountains of North America. Even roe deer is known as “wild goat” in some parts of Siberia. However, when most outfitters speak about “wild goat”, they imply feral domestic goats that went wild in various corners of the world. Wild goat hunting is offered in countries as diverse as Ireland, New Zealand, and Argentina.


Depending on the country, the daily rate for a wild goat hunt may average $400, and the shooting fees are in the $1,000 range. Wild goat hunting is often offered in combination with other species, such as hybrid sheep or red deer. The price of such packages may vary from $1,600 to $3,500 and more, depending on what particular species (trophy or non-trophy) are on the list.

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Die Bergjagd wird als Jagd eines reichen Menschen angesehen und einige Angebote für die Bergjagd kosten mehr, als sich ein durchschnittlicher Jäger jemals leisten könnte. Dies bedeutet jedoch nicht, dass ein Jäger mit bescheidenen Mitteln die Schaf- und Ziegenjagd ganz vergessen muss. BookYourHunt.com soll Ihnen dabei helfen, die günstigsten Angebote auf dem Markt zu finden. Dieser Blog führt Sie zu Bergjagden, die innerhalb des Budgets fast jeder Familie liegen.

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When to hunt Wild Goat?

Like other feral or exotic animals, hunting opportunities for a wild goat exist at any month of the year. This could mean an opportunity to hunt when most other seasons are closed. The timing of the visit to an exotic country like New Zealand or Argentina is usually determined by weather, or seasons for other animals that the hunter is after. For instance, most big game hunts in Argentina are timed to the red stag rut that usually starts in March and may continue to early May.


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The most common method of hunting wild goat is spot and stalk. Often, the spotting part is opportunistic – if the hunter and the guide notice a good-sized trophy in the course of a less-than-perfect hunt for other species, the hunter may choose to take the opportunity and hunt this animal. Then the hunters make a careful approach to the animal, taking into account the direction of the wind, available cover, and millions of other details. For an extra challenge, choose a short-range weapon, such as a muzzleloader, a handgun, a crossbow or a bow.

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Why hunt Wild Goat?

Hunting feral animals may not be anyone’s cup of tea. From the comfort of your living room a wild goat may seem to be easier to kill than a zombie in a computer game. But most people who try actually hunting one usually discover that just a few generations in the wild, and a wild goat may be as challenging to approach as an ibex in the Pamirs. The story of humans that introduce an animal into a habitat and then discover they can’t get rid of them even with such devices as helicopters and night vision scopes repeats itself from the Arapawa island near New Zealand to wild boar in the USA. If you feel an interest towards wild goat hunting, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

Big Game Hunting in Argentina

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5 Days x 6 Nights Big Game Hunt 1x1 '24

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Neuquen, Argentinien
Wildziege, Axishirsch, Mallorquinische Wildziege, Birkhahn, Dall Schaf...
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Season: 1 März 2024 - 30 Juni 2024
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Wild Goat Super Deal

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Otago, Neuseeland
Wildziege, Schwarzwild
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Season: 1 März 2024 - 1 Aug. 2025
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