White-Flanked Impala hunting

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Where to hunt White-Flanked Impala

White Flanked Impala are rare compared to the herds of Impala found roaming the savannah, scrub and bush landscapes in the southern and eastern part of the African continent. Biologists divide the antelope into two subspecies: Common and Black-Faced. Trophy books and hunting clubs further divide the Common Impala into Southern and East African varieties, and some South African game breeders have now bred different colour variants which include Black, White and White Flanked Impalas.


White Flanked Impala daily rate fees may be priced as low as $250 per day. Limited availability of this relatively new colour variant species means that trophy fee prices can on average range from $2450 - $3000. Some outfitters have the price fixed as high as $7000.

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When to hunt White-Flanked Impala?

At this stage, White Flanked Impala are generally only hunted in South Africa which means they may be hunted year-round on a licensed game farm. Hunting during the summer months of November to February may be unpleasantly uncomfortable during the heat of the day. The best time to hunt any species of Impala is May, when, during the rut, the biggest males fight for dominance. The rest of the African winter, June to September, is also a good time for a plains game hunt.


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Impala inhabits shrub and savannah type habitat where a hunter and the PH can see far to spot the animals, and yet there’s enough cover to stalk them. Impalas can be active during the day and at night but are most conspicuous in the morning and in the evening. This behaviour makes Impala one of the best quarries for spot-and-stalk hunting. When alarmed, the herd of impalas forms a tight group, when it is easy to lose track of the trophy you’ve chosen, and, the bullet might easily pass through your target and hit another Impala that stands behind. It’s also not the best idea to shoot Impala on the run, as they can leap in zig-zag, effectively avoiding predators. An Impala never ventures far from a permanent water source and must have a drink on a regular basis. This offers a bowhunter an opportunity to hunt this animal from a ground blind or tree stand positioned over a waterhole.

Why hunt White-Flanked Impala?

Impala, according to a recent survey, is the most popular trophy taken by international hunters in South Africa. But, finding a really impressive White Flanked Impala trophy to hunt is a great challenge due to their limited numbers and availability. Impala is a graceful, beautiful creature, especially a big, mature buck with his long, lyre-shaped horns. These horns grow throughout the creature’s lifetime and make a spectacular trophy.

Triple Slam Package (Pkg #12)

Triple Slam Package (Pkg #12)

9.3 1 Bewertung
Free State, Südafrika
Weiße flankierte Impala, Schwarze Impala, Weißschwanzgnu, Blessbock, Springbock...
Reisedauer: 11 Tage
Season: 1 Apr. 2024 - 31 Dez. 2024
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The Pride of Summer - 4 Days

The Pride of Summer - 4 Days

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Eastern Cape, Südafrika
Weiße flankierte Impala, Schwarze Impala, Weißschwanzgnu, Schwarzrücken-Schakal, Burchell Zebra...
Reisedauer: 4 Tage
Season: 8 Jan. 2024 - 12 Dez. 2024
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Quad Slam Package (Pkg #18)

Quad Slam Package (Pkg #18)

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Free State, Südafrika
Weiße flankierte Impala, Schwarze Impala, Weißschwanzgnu, Streifengnu, Blessbock...
Reisedauer: 15 Tage
Season: 1 Apr. 2024 - 31 Dez. 2024
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Weißflankierte Impala

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