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Where to hunt Water Buffalo

Small numbers of Wild Water Buffalo are still found in parts of South-East Asia, but they are not an object of legal sport hunting. All Water Buffalo hunting offers refer to feral populations of domesticated Water Buffalo. Two types of Water Buffalo are recognized: the river and the swamp type. Both are well adapted to living in wetlands, and can thrive in harsher environments and on less nutritious herbs than domestic cattle. Large feral populations exist in South America, including Argentina and Uruguay, and some game farms in South Africa also offer the species. However, by far the most popular destination for Water Buffalo hunting is in the North of Australia.


The most affordable Water Buffalo hunts are in Argentina, where you can find a hunt priced as low as $2,500. Most hunts, however, will cost between $4,000 and $6,000, and shooting fees for Water Buffalo in South Africa are about at the same price range. The most expensive Water Buffalo hunts are found in Australia; they are priced at about $10,000 or slightly higher, and if you read on, you’ll understand why.

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When to hunt Water Buffalo?

Water Buffalo can be hunted all year round. Most outfitters, however, suggest that the best time for Water Buffalo hunting in the Northern Territories of Australia is the dry season, which runs approximately from June to September. Water buffalo hunts in South America are usually combination hunts and can be scheduled for the best time to hunt the main quarry.


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Do not let the “feral” status of the species delude you: Water Buffalo hunting is dangerous game hunting. Water Buffalo is bigger than Cape Buffalo and every bit as mean. You’ll need a reliable big-bore rifle, of at least .338 or 9 mm. caliber, a cool head, and a steady hand. The hunt itself follows the traditional spot-and-stalk routine, with the hunter and the PH start with covering ground (often on foot, as the Water Buffalo’s preferred habitat isn’t always suitable for vehicles) in search of a decent trophy, and then will carefully approach it close enough for a sure shot.

Why hunt Water Buffalo?

Water Buffalo hunting in Australia is a dangerous game adventure second to none. Water Buffalo lurk in flooded riverbeds where the hunter and the PH will have not just to approach the animal, but to dodge highly poisonous snakes and saltwater crocodiles. History of domestication didn’t make Water Buffalo any tamer (remember who actually killed Sher Khan in The Jungle Book?) and a bull can swallow lead and go for the hunters as well as any Cape Buff. You may choose South America for a more human-friendly environment, but in any case the enormous back-curling crescent-shaped horns of a big bull will be a worthy addition to any trophy room.

7 days + Big game + Wing shooting!

7 days + Big game + Wing shooting!

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Water Buffalo Special Package

Water Buffalo Special Package

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Water Buffalo Hunt

Water Buffalo Hunt

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