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Where to hunt Quail

The “Gentleman Bob”, or bobwhite quail, is the classic quarry of American hunting, made famous by Robert Roark and other writers. Bobwhite quail inhabits most of the Eastern and South-Eastern states, and the Western hunters can pursue other species of quail, including California (or valley), mountain, blue, Gambel’s, and Montezuma quail. The American quail has family in Europe, too – a little bird with a somewhat humbler plumage, the common quail, which is also held in great esteem by bird dog lovers in countries like Spain, Italy, and the Balkans. Still another species of quail, harlequin quail, exists in South Africa, and is included in most South African small game packages.


Quail hunting offers start at about $200 a hunter a day. The most affordable options are usually to be found in Bulgaria, Romania, and other countries around the Balkans, where thousands of migratory European quail spend the winter. These hunts are often a great value, as they include the services of a guide with trained pointers and knowledge of terrain. The price may go up to roughly $800 a hunter a day for offers in well-stocked preserves in Spain, or the most prized bird hunting areas in the USA.

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When to hunt Quail?

Quail season may start as early as August in countries like Belarus, and a devoted quail hunter may find an opportunity to chase their favorite birds all year round, in the Southern Hemisphere, or on stocked game farms and preserves. But the best time for quail hunting is late autumn and early winter.


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Quail hunting is about walking. It can be done without a dog, but goes way better with a good setter or pointer in front of you. Quail will be found on the intersection of food (fields and meadows) and cover (bush and scrub); standing food plots that provide both can be a honey hole. American quail tends to live in a family group, known as covey, that will typically rise to the wing all together. European quail is more individualistic: the birds in a flock will be pointed and flushed one by one. Small bore shotguns are ideal, but 12 gauges work well too with light Skeet loads. Quail is not a very difficult target – until excitement kicks in, that is.

Why hunt Quail?

Small, but dear, as a piece of gold – this Russian proverb describes quail to a T. To follow a steady pointer into the open fields, to see the dog hit the breaks in mid-gallop as the smell of that tiny bird reaches its nostrils, to walk or ride to the point, and to see the launch of that little feathered rocket is one of the purest forms of hunting excitement. “The little fellow doesn't weigh but about six ounces but every ounce of him is pure class.” – as Ruark wrote in “The Old Man and the Boy”. – “He's smart as a whip, and every time you go up against him you're proving something about yourself.”

1 Day Wing shooting for 3 guns

1 Day Wing shooting for 3 guns Italien

One full hwing shooting day (morning & afternoon) with one overnight stay in the Tuscan Villa inside the Reserve. Shootable birds are partridges, pheasants and quails. The Reserve is fully inhabited by these species, but in order to make the hunting day richer, we also release 5 birds per day per hunter. You will hunt walking with the dogs as it's traditional in Tuscany: the dogs will find the heads and induce them to fly, so you can shoot them. The hunting days start after a great breakfast by the fireplace with sausages, local prosciutto and wine. Lunch between the hunting morning and afternoon will be served inside the Villa: a complete Tuscan menù with starters, first dish, second dish, side dish, dessert and red wine. Whole area fully available to guests, you will not find anyone else there. Guests that do not hunt pay only for the lunch. IMPORTANT: As for the Italian regulation, hunting in Italy is forbidden on Tuesdays and Fridays!

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Small Game and Bird Hunt 2 Hunters

Small Game and Bird Hunt 2 Hunters USA

California Valley Quail, Mourning Dove, Eurasian Dove, Band-Tailed Pigeon, Rabbit, Tree Squirrel and Ground Squirrel. Decoys are used on Dove and Pigeon hunts. Mouth calls and handheld calls will be used accordingly.

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2 Day Traditional Upland Bird Package

2 Day Traditional Upland Bird Package USA

Are you looking for more of a wild bird hunt on a smaller piece of land? Our 400 acres of premium CRP habitat will allow you to hunt up to 3 Roosters and 8 Quail per hunter. Before your day gets started, our personal chef will serve you and your guests a hearty, Iowan meal, served with your beverages of choice. For dinner, you can even request the chef prepare dinner using the bird you bagged that day! Wrap up a successful day of hunting with some cold brews and a game of pool in our beautiful hunting lodge. This customizable package will fit your desires for an ideal getaway. Our Traditional hunting Package includes experienced guides, dogs, meals, lodging, hunting license, bird cleaning, and packaging.

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