Mountain Nyala hunting

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Where to hunt Mountain Nyala

Mountain Nyala is bigger than the more common Southern Nyala. Mountain Nyala is considered the rarest spiral-horned species and the hunt is regarded as the ultimate African big game hunt. Many hunters compare this to high altitude sheep and goat hunts. The terrain is wet, treacherous, slippery and with hazardous slopes, stinging nettles and biting insects. These hunts take place in the Ethiopian highlands within and surrounding the Bale and Ahmar Mountain ranges at an elevation of between 3000-4000m (roughly 9000-14000 feet) above sea level.


Currently, BookYourHunt only has a couple of Mountain Nyala hunts available. These hunts need to be booked years in advance, as hunting permits are limited. This as you could well imagine makes this a sought after expensive hunt. A specialised 15-day Highland hunt goes for just over $2500 a day and the Mountain Nyala trophy fee is $15000. If the Mountain Nyala hunt is combined with a lowland hunt, the daily rate decreases to $1850 per day but the length of the safari is extended to 26 days.

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When to hunt Mountain Nyala?

Mountain Nyala may be hunted from October-June. July-September is recognised as the rainy season but even so during this hunt, you can expect temperatures ranging from 33 to -4 C (90-24 f) with fog and sudden downpours. Clients are advised to bring heavy clothing, light clothing for the daytime, a raincoat and gloves. There are no problems washing clothes but a long drying time is needed. The Mountain Nyala are most active at dawn and dusk during the low light periods when they are likely to break cover from the forest and feed along the forest margins.


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This is often a team effort hunt. Outfitters employ multiple trackers, scouts and local community members as spotters. These hunts often involve covering vast distances, sometimes on horseback and setting up overnight fly camps. Everyone will be out at first and last light glassing from a vantage point over the canyon forest margins and openings for any signs of movement. Once spotted a hurried stalk must be actioned to ensure the client is in a shooting position before the animal once again disappears back into the forest.

Why hunt Mountain Nyala?

This is probably Africa’s most challenging hunting experience, a once in a lifetime event that brings with it many memories, both pleasant and unpleasant. This is one animal you will need to work hard to add to your collection and a full mounted trophy will give you hours of pleasure reminiscing about the hunt.

Lowland and Mountain Plains Game Combo

Lowland and Mountain Plains Game Combo

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Reisedauer: 26 Tage
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Mountain Nyala and Menelik Bushbuck Hunt

Mountain Nyala and Menelik Bushbuck Hunt

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Berg Nyala

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