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At 261,797 square miles, Texas, the Lone Star State, is second only to Alaska in size. Possessing enormous natural resources, Texas is a major agricultural state and an industrial giant, leading all other states in such categories as oil, cattle, sheep, and cotton. Most hunting in Texas is done on private land, primarily on large ranches that may be leased by outfitters or individuals, or hunted with the permission of the landowner. Texans are avid and enthusiastic hunters. The state is particularly famous for its large-antlered white-tailed deer, but hunters can also pursue alligators, javelinas, wild pigs, mule deer, pronghorn, squirrels, turkeys, waterfowl, and upland birds, especially quail. In addition, many Texas ranches have large populations of imported non-native animals, including nilgai, axis deer, blackbuck, aoudad, and even a wide variety of African game such as zebras and oryx. In most cases these exotic animals can be hunted year-round on private land. These ranches provide a unique opportunity for hunters to pursue animals that are native to Africa and Asia at a relatively low cost and without having to leave the U.S. Many, but not all, ranches in Texas are high-fenced, especially those with exotic species. Much of Texas is brushy and thick, making for challenging hunting despite the large and abundant game populations. For this reason, hunting, especially for whitetails, is often done from permanent blinds, and baiting is popular, especially with the use of automatic feeders, which are legal in the state. Texas has an overabundance of feral hogs, and because they are unprotected, exotic, non-game animals, they may be taken by any means or methods at any time of year. There are no seasons or bag limits, however a hunting license and landowner permission are required to hunt them. Texas requires 400 square inches of fluorescent orange to be worn by all hunters when hunting on public hunting grounds. Orange is not required on private land, but is encouraged. A Texas hunting license is required for hunting any species in the state. Learn more about Texas hunting from the Texas Department of Parks & Wildlife:


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R44 2 Shooters/2 Hr Flight  No Lodging

R44 2 Shooters/2 Hr Flight No Lodging USA

This package cannot be added to or customized Airport pickup & drop off not included in this package Combined weight of the (2) shooters may not exceed 430 lbs or 200 lbs per shooter. Includes 2 hours of of flight time, .556, red dot scope, suppressor & ammo is included with this package -NO lodging or meals included – Shooters must be 18 years or older. $2275.00 Per Shooter

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Jagdsaison: 1 Okt 2020 1 Okt 2021

Pauschalpreis $4,550 für 1 Tag, 1 Jäger
2 Whitetail Doe/Spike Hunt '21

2 Whitetail Doe/Spike Hunt '21 USA

Doe/Spike Hunts: This hunt is a 2 animal hunt for does and spikes. This hunt is a 4 day hunt, with the hunter arriving on the first day and hunting that afternoon, followed by both morning and evening hunts on days 2 and 3, and a morning hunt on day 4, if needed. This hunt can be combined with any other hunt for the additional cost. All hunts are fully guided, full service hunts. Included in the price of the hunting package are meals, lodging, guide service and field care of game. Non-hunting guests are welcomed. There will be an additional fee for non-hunters.

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Exotics Hunt

Exotics Hunt USA

We offer you the opportunity to hunt for Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, and Fallow Deer. Your Exotic Package will allow you to harvest any one of these animals during your hunting adventure, letting you choose which species you would like to harvest. Your Exotic Hunt package is a semi-guided 3 day, 2 night hunting trip with food and lodging included, and a very knowledgeable staff that will take care of you and your party. You will be hunting in strategically placed hunting stands throughout the ranch. Your Exotic Hunt is an all inclusive hunt, including meals, lodging and all transportation around the ranch. Skinning and caping of your Ram is included and the meat will be quartered and frozen for your departure. We can also arrange all of your taxidermy work for you and have the final product shipped to your home. Upon booking your hunt, a packet will be emailed to you with all of the details of your hunt. We will also send driving directions, hunting schedule, all FAQ’s of the ranch, and a list of what you will want to bring for your hunting adventure!

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Jagdsaison: 1 Feb 2020 1 Feb 2021

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