Hunting in Santa Fe Province

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Santa Fe Province on map

Santa Fe Province is located in northeastern Argentina. It's bordered by Chaco Province to the north, Corrientes Province to the northeast, Entre Ríos Province to the east, Buenos Aires Province to the south, and Córdoba and Santiago del Estero Provinces to the west.

About hunting in Santa Fe Province

With its rich wetlands and agricultural land, the Santa Fe Province of Argentina has great dove, pigeon, partridge, and duck hunting, as well as fishing. Mehr erfahren...

The Santa Fe is one of the biggest, most populated, and economically developed provinces of Argentina. Geographically it belongs to the vast Pampas region, that is characterized by fertile soil. The province is crisscrossed by several rivers, including the Paraná River, which plays a significant role in the region's geography and economy. The eastern part of the province, closer to the Paraná River, features wetlands and lagoons, while the western area is drier. Santa Fe's riverine habitats support diverse flora, including grasslands and marshy areas along the rivers. The province is renowned for its waterfowl hunting, particularly ducks and geese, thanks to its abundant wetlands and lagoons. Pigeon and duck shooting is also excellent. You can also pursue the partridge, locally known as perdiz, with pointing dogs provided by outfitters. Travelers from the US and Europe usually fly into Buenos Aires and then take a domestic flight or drive to Santa Fe. The province's landscape, transitioning from the Pampas grasslands to the Paraná River wetlands, offers a scenic journey. Beyond hunting, Santa Fe offers activities such as fishing in its rivers and lagoons, particularly for dorado, as well as "cast and blast" opportunities combining fishing with small game and waterfowl hunting. The province is also known for its cultural heritage, including historical sites and traditional festivals. Visitors can explore the provincial capital, also named Santa Fe, known for its historical architecture and vibrant cultural scene. Details ausblenden


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Santa Fe Province

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