Hunting in Lower Silesian

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The Lower Silesian Voivodeship is located in the southwestern part of Poland. It borders Germany to the west and the Czech Republic to the south. Within Poland, it's neighbored by the Lubusz, Greater Poland, Opole, and Silesian Voivodeships.

About hunting in Lower Silesian

The Lower Silesian Voivodeship is a region in southwestern Poland known for its diverse landscapes and rich historical heritage, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. Read more...

Lower Silesia (Województwo dolnośląskie) occupies the south-west of Poland, and is characterized by a varied landscape, stretching from the valley of the Oder River to the Sudetes mountains along the Czech border, which include the Karkonosze range with Śnieżka, the highest peak. Lower Silesia is also known for its numerous valleys, picturesque rivers like the Oder (Odra), and several large lakes, while its capital and largest city, Wrocław, is a major cultural and economic hub in Poland. The region’s vegetation includes a mix of mountainous forests in the Sudetes, with spruce and fir prevalent in higher altitudes and beech and pine in lower regions. The lower-lying areas feature mixed forests, meadows, and agricultural lands. The Sudetes mountains are home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, boar, and small mammals. In the higher altitudes, you might find species adapted to mountainous conditions like the mountain hare and birds such as the Eurasian nutcracker. The central and northern parts of the voivodeship consist of the Lower Silesian Wilderness, one of the few remaining tracts of the endless forest that used to cover Europe before human civilization began its devastating march. Not only there, but all over of Lower Silesia you can find flourishing populations of wild animals, as well as abundant and affordable hunting opportunities, focused on the traditional European mix of red, roe deer and wild boar, as well as mouflon and fallow deer. Hide details


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Thermal Vision Wild Boar Hunt / all inc.

Thermal Vision Wild Boar Hunt / all inc.

9.3 16 Bewertungen
Lower Silesian, Polen
Fuchs, Schwarzwild
Reisedauer: 3 Tage
Season: 1 Mai 2018 - 31 Mai 2024
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Wild Boar,Deer Hunt packages

Wild Boar,Deer Hunt packages

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Lower Silesian, Polen
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Fallow Deer Hunting - Walbrzych

9.1 11 Bewertungen
Lower Silesian, Polen
Reisedauer: 3 - 6 Tage
Season: 1 Okt. 2024 - 31 Jan. 2025
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Lower Silesian

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