Himalayan Bear hunting

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Where to hunt Himalayan Bear

The range of Himalayan Bear stretches from the Indian Subcontinent through China and Korea to the Pacific Coast of Russia. At present the only place where you can legally hunt a Himalayan bear is the Russian provinces on the extreme south-east of the country, in a unique area where the plants and animals typical from the boreal forests, such as cedars and Brown Bear, exist side by side with such creatures of the tropics as lianas and Leopards.


The price for a Himalayan Bear hunt in Russia starts at about $4,500 and may be as high as $8,000 and up, depending on such factors as the duration of the trip, hunting methods, the time of the season, and opportunities for harvesting other species. Still not too much for a unique opportunity to harvest a trophy that can’t be legally hunted anywhere else in the world.

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Primorye, the home of the northern subspecies of the Himalayan Bear, is a unique area on the Pacific coast of Russia, where tigers and leopards coexist with brown bears, sable, and other denizens of Siberian taiga. Here are seven reasons to explore this wonderful land – in addition to Himalayan bear hunting, that is.

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When to hunt Himalayan Bear?

Himalayan Bear hunting season in Russia can be open no earlier than August 1, and close no later than November 30. Most outfitters agree that the best time to hunt Primorye is the first weeks of September, which offers the optimal balance for all five major big-game species of the area, including the Manchurian Wapiti and Manchurian Sika Deer rut. A hunter willing to experience the ancient Russian way of hunting at a den should focus on the last week of November


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There are three major methods for hunting Himalayan Bear in Russia. One is based on the creature’s habit of gorging on wild fruit and berries before winter hibernation. As the bruin climbs trees that offer such treats, it gives away its location by a conspicuous noise; hunters walk quietly through areas where such trees are, and if they hear the bear feed, they stalk it. Another traditional Russian method is hunting at the den, which Himalayan Bears make in old hollow trees to save themselves from the Siberian Tiger. It is a strict taboo to shoot a bear unless it is fully awake and out of the den; however, current short season makes hunting at a den nearly impossible. By far the most popular and reliable way to hunt a Himalayan Bear is from a high seat over a bait. This hunt does not differ significantly from any bear baiting hunts, except that you may have unexpected visitors - an Amur Brown Bear, or even a Siberian Tiger.

Why hunt Himalayan Bear?

The Russian subspecies of the Himalayan Bear is not endangered, and trophy hunting (although some people may find it hard to believe) is a critical instrument in the species’ conservation. The biggest threats for Himalayan Bear in Russia are logging, that destroys old trees the bears need to den, and poaching for the Chinese traditional medicine market. Hunting concessions resist logging, and provide various incentives against poaching, both of the stick and the carrot variety (think anti-poaching patrols on the one hand, and salaries and tips for guiding on the other). Couple this with the opportunity to visit a unique habitat, where plants and animals that originated in boreal forests and Indian tropics live side by side, and the unique opportunity to hunt a Himalayan Bear becomes irresistible

Himalayan bear bait hunt

Himalayan bear bait hunt

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Himalayan bear den hunt

Himalayan bear den hunt

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Himalayan bear Fall hunt

Himalayan bear Fall hunt

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