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Also known as Forest Buffalo
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Wo kann man Zwergbüffel jagen?

Also known as the Forest Buffalo, this species of Buffalo is found in the equatorial forest belt of West Africa. Although found in the Congo, Dwarf Buffalo can only be hunted in the forests of the Central African Republic and Cameroon. Outfitters offering hunts in these areas use charter flights to fly their clients out of Douala if hunting in Cameroon. Once on site you may be moved between multiple camps within the territory to hunt the areas with the highest concentrations of Dwarf Buffalo available.


Few hunters with travel to the jungles of Africa just to shoot a Dwarf Buffalo, most hunters will hunt additional animals available in the region. In Cameroon, the price varies according to the length of the safari booked. These hunts start at a minimum of 8 days for a Buffalo and a few other plains game species. If you wish to include another iconic species for the region during the hunt, you will be required to book a 10 – 16 day safari. The price range is from $20,000 for an 8 day safari including the Buffalo trophy fee. A 16 day hunt, including a Dwarf Buffalo and no additional species will start at $ 45,000.

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When to hunt Dwarf Buffalo?

The hunting season and areas vary slightly according to the onset of the rainy season and where in the country the Outfitter is based. In the Cameroon Dwarf Buffalo may be hunted from 1st January to 30th June. In the early season, from 1st January to 30th April these Buffalo can be hunted in the more open Savanna areas. From March/April until the 30th June, the Buffalo are hunted in the forests.


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Local pygmy trackers will guide you through the jungle during this hunt and in some cases, dogs may be used to bay the Buffalo. Tracking conditions can be difficult in the wet, dark and humid conditions. These animals are primarily grazers, so local knowledge is also used to search for fresh tracks in the small clearings found in the dense forest. Another of their favourite spots are marshes that serve as wallows. Dwarf Buffalo live in small herds of between 5 and 25 animals, each herd dominated by one or maybe two bulls. This is a walk and stalk hunt which normally ends up being a close encountered affair, so open sights, low magnification scopes or red dot sights are recommended. The average shooting distance is around 25 yards due to the thick cover.

Why hunt Dwarf Buffalo?

Even though this animal is the smallest subspecies of African Buffalo, it is a highly sought after species. Once again it about the challenging hunting conditions and experience that the forest environment offers that makes this hunt so appealing. But above all, it’s an opportunity to meet and admire the skills of the pygmy trackers during your hunt. Teamwork is the order of the day and you really feel like this is a well-earned trophy at the end of the hunt. Hunting in the rainforests of Cameroon also offers you the opportunity to see the rare and endangered forest gorillas.

Sitatunga Safari

Sitatunga Safari

Zwergbüffel (Tamarau), Wald Sitatunga
Reisedauer: 16 Tage
Season: 11 März 2024 - 30 Nov. 2024
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Bongo Safari

Bongo Safari

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13 Day Dwarf Buffalo & Sitatunga

13 Day Dwarf Buffalo & Sitatunga

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Zwergbüffel (Tamarau), Batesböckchen, Schwarzrückenducker, Schwarzstirnducker, Blauducker...
Reisedauer: 15 Tage
Season: 1 Apr. 2024 - 31 Juli 2024
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Zwergbüffel (Tamarau)

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