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Where to hunt Dove

Doves exist, or were introduced by people, almost all over the world. They are especially numerous in locations with large scale agriculture for cereals such as wheat. There’s dove season in almost every US state, but guided hunt opportunities tend to center in Texas. Globally speaking, dove hunting in Argentina is legendary, and opportunities in other South American countries like Uruguay and Bolivia are not too far behind. There’s also dove hunting in many African countries, from Morocco to the North to Zimbabwe, Botswana and RSA in the South. Some dove hunting opportunities can also be found in Europe and Mexico.


Dove hunts are some of the best bargains at BookYourHunt.com online marketplace and hunts in Texas or Louisiana can be had for $150-$500. However, there’s dove hunting and dove hunting. Exotic destinations like Argentina or South Africa may cost a few thousand dollars, which does not seem to high if you consider that these prices usually include 5* lodging, great food, and many other extras (up to a few thousand rounds of ammo).

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Like most abundant birds, doves do not required tags, and harvest is constrained by season, bags and possession limits. Species identification is essential, as different limits may apply for different species. Some areas have regulations limiting the use of toxic (lead) shot ammunition. Limits are mostly generous, however, and when it comes to invasive species or crop protection, may be non-existent.

15 Juni 2017 How to Survive High-Volume Dove Shooting in Argentina.

When to hunt Dove?

In the USA, dove hunting season traditionally opens on September 1, and may last well into New Year. Dove shooting opportunities may exist all year round, especially where the birds are considered agricultural pests and/or invasive species. The most popular months to hunt Argentina and other South American countries are August and December-January at around the Christmas – New Year breaks, but price-savvy hunters are often advised to focus on September - early December.


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The most common way of dove hunting is pass shooting them as they come to feed on the crop fields, or near water holes. The hunters may do it from stationary or improvised blinds, and use decoys to attract the birds. However, in many areas doves are so numerous that none of this may be necessary, and just a bit of improvised cover will be enough for success.

Why hunt Dove?

Doves are relatively small and fast-paced birds with irregular flight, and hitting them consistently with a shotgun is a great challenge. Dove shooting is a fast-paced and veried experience, and this keeps drawing hunters to their favorite dove fields year after year. Unlimited or near unlimited shooting in Argentina and other places results from the fact that doves are considered agricultural pests; without hunting for sport, their numbers would have to be reduced with more sinister and indiscriminate means.

Cast & Blast Program

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Santa Fe Province, Argentinien
Wildtauben, Taube
Reisedauer: 1 - 4 Tage
Season: 16 Aug. 2024 - 30 Apr. 2025
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Wing Shooting at  Boutique Wine Lodge

Wing Shooting at Boutique Wine Lodge

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4 Days / Ducks-Dove-Pigeon-Partridge

4 Days / Ducks-Dove-Pigeon-Partridge

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Wildtauben, Ente, Rebhuhn, Taube
Reisedauer: 4 - 10 Tage
Season: 6 Aug. 2023 - 31 Dez. 2025
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